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‘My Hero Academia’ teases Hero Killer Stain and other villains’ comeback


The newest chapter of My Hero Academia unveils Hero Killer Stain’s return, Overhaul, and more!

It seems that My Hero Academia’s events are nowhere near calming down, although it was steeped in a full-on war for the majority of 2020.

The anime’s status quo shake-ups continue with the newest chapter of the series. All For One takes advantage of the chaos from the fight on both sides.

This is to enact the next primary phase of his plan: to free himself from prison.

All For One continues his evil plans

All For One seemed like he was casual about his loss to All Might in their presumably final confrontation.

This is despite imprisonment in Tartarus. His slick attitude toward the whole ordeal was because he was confident that he would break out of Tartarus, as revealed in Chapter 297 of the series.

He is also assertive in freeing villains such as Hero Killer Stain, Overhaul, Muscular, Kurogiri, and more in the process.

Furthermore, All For One continues to control Shigaraki’s body in Chapter 297. Simultaneously, in the Tartarus prison, he leads an army of Nomu.

All For One has activated an EMP like quirk as he is quickly making it through defenses. These EMPs deactivates the restraints and locks throughout the prison.

Those also in prison can break out of their cells as well during all of this.

The return of the terrifying villains

Moreover, the series teases we’ll be seeing villains like Overhaul and the others, although we don’t get all the freed prisoners’ glimpse.

Moonfish, Muscular, Kurogiri, and even Hero Killer Stain with Overhaul are seen to be in action once more with the teaser.

However, their escape has a wrench because All For One has managed to free himself as well.

Meanwhile, a completely new status quo is expected in the next episodes, even with All For One making his escape from Tartarus. And even if Overhaul and Stain somehow return to the fight.
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