‘My Hero Academia’: What are the possible new powers of Shigaraki?

My Hero Academia chapter 272 left fans stunned and shocked after Shigaraki showed off of a stronger Decay power. But it seems like there is more to it than what has been revealed so far.

Shigaraki is back in chapter 272 of the manga series and he is stronger than ever. Fans may recall that the leader of the League of Villains awakened from his sleep.

He was originally thought to be dead but it turns out that he has gained new powers and it’s even deadlier than before.

He is basically invincible and there’s a big chance that professional heroes of the world are going to have a tough time bringing him down.

So, what other powers does Shigaraki possibly have now in his arsenal? Comicbook listed down some of his new Quirks.

Super Decay and Super Strength

As read in the latest chapter, Shigaraki’s Decay power got an upgrade. He always had the ability to turn targets into dust with just a touch.

But in chapter 272, physical contact was no longer needed. He is able to destroy anything within a certain proximity.

The antagonist is also much stronger now thanks to All For One. He has been gaining his Sensei’s capabilities including that of absorbing “strength enhancers” from his victims.

This is going to make Shigaraki’s levels of decay even more intense.

Teleportation and Air Walk

The source also mentioned that the villain may seem to have gained the ability to teleport people and objects just like his mentor.

Moreover, he may also now have the ability to walk above the land, which is something that he has never done before. This means that he will have an increase in maneuverability and a better target range for his decay power.

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Air Cannons

Fans of the series may recall that All For One’s most relied power includes the Air Cannon. He was even using it during his fight with All Might wherein he unleashed a massive amount of wind from his arms.

All For One has also passed on this ability to the Grand Commander of the Paranormal Liberation Front. All Might was in some serious trouble while trying to navigate through the Air Cannons.

Will the heroes be able to beat him?

Inheriting All For One’s powers has really made the decaying young villain almost unstoppable. He is even stronger than Midoriya’s Quirk of One For All.

And it’s most likely that there are still dozens of powers that will be unlocked from Shigaraki soon. Stay tuned for more My Hero Academia spoilers.

Featured image courtesy of BNHA DANK HUB/YouTube screenshot

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