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‘My Hero Academia’: Will Deku kill Shigaraki after hearing Gran Torino’s advice?


Nana Shimura’s previous question to Deku once again comes to light after Gran Torino gives him some advice in My Hero Academia.

Like Shimura, Gran Torino tells Deku that the only way for them to be saved is to kill Shigaraki. However, knowing how Deku works in My Hero Academia, can he manage to do it?

Gran Torino’s advice

Gran Torino is still in the hospital after being almost killed by the full power of All for One running through Shigaraki’s veins.

In his talk with Deku in Chapter 309, the retired Pro Hero apologized that he wasn’t able to kill Shigaraki.

He then told the young hero that “eliminating” the All for One inheritor might be the only way to save him, Comicbook noted.

“I should’ve made the kill. Sorry. Don’t be so rigid. Killing can be another way to save someone,” he said.

“Never forget that. Either way, you gotta settle the score with the League of Villains,” he concluded.

Gran Torino is not the only one who told this. Several One for All Vestiges said the same thing to Deku.

My Hero Academia is now on its final arc, and Deku will soon work together with the Top 3 Pro Heroes and All Might.

It looks like they are now preparing to face the League of Villains before the latter starts its attack against society.

Nana Shimura’s infamous question

In My Hero Academia Chapter 304, Shimura, the seventh One for All user, asked Deku if he could kill Shigaraki.

During the battle between the Pro Heroes and the League of Villains’ Paranormal Liberation Front, Deku was left unconscious.

Shigaraki tried to steal One for All him, but he, fortunately, couldn’t.

While in the hospital, All Might sense Deku talked to the previous One for All users inside the power’s strange realm.

Deku seemed to be the final One for All inheritor, as more and more people with quirk were being born.

This made Shimura questioned his ability to fulfill his duty to take out Shigaraki. Indeed, it was a tricky question for her to ask, knowing Shigaraki was her grandson.

The previous war ended with Deku vowing to save Shigaraki from All for One’s control without spilling blood.

This revelation would put him at odds with One for All’s power. However, he might also prove he is indeed the No. 1 Pro Hero that he is set to be by showing the former One for All users his plans for his archnemesis.

As My Hero Academia continues, there is more to come between Deku and Shigaraki.

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