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‘My Hero Academia: World Heroes Mission’: Deku wanted, tangled in a huge mess


My Hero Academia: World Heroes Mission has dropped its official trailer and synopsis, showing what will happen in the movie. It looks like Deku faces a huge problem, as the media names him a mass murderer.

Deku will get involved in a massive mess that a villain made in My Hero Academia: World Heroes Mission. As he embarks on a new journey, will the much-loved protagonist manages to clear his name?

The 30-second, juicy trailer

The new, 30-second trailer, via Epic Dope, shows Deku accused of being involved in a mass murder incident.

The scene opens with a vast assembly, an image of their place, and the news announcing Deku is wanted.

It then features an intense turn of events, a series of events, and the trio of Deku, Bakugo, and Shoto.

The three carry a huge responsibility on their shoulders as the world is now in danger.

They will try to fulfill a new mission, and they only have two hours to save the world.

Kohei Horikoshi will handle My Hero Academia: World Heroes Mission. So fans expect it to be exciting, knowing he’s making the best plots there is.

New movie’s official synopsis

Meanwhile, the recent Anime Japan 2021 dropped My Hero Academia: World Heroes Mission’s official synopsis and poster.

“A mysterious group called Humarize strongly believes in the Quirk Singularity Doomsday theory which states that was quirks get mixed further in with future generations, that power will bring forth the end of humanity,” the synopsis read, per Comicbook.

“In order to save everyone, the Pro-Heroes around the world ask UA Academy heroes-in-training to assist them and form a world-classic selected hero team,” it continued.

“It is up to the heroes to save the world and the future of heroes in what is the most dangerous crisis to take place yet in My Hero Academy.”

Deku, Bakugo, and Shoto have to eliminate their quirks, knowing the terrorist group kills anyone who possesses it.

Their mission is to stop this group, and fans need to see how they will do it this time.

This year seems to be a big one for the My Hero Academia franchise. Its manga has entered its final arc, while the anime starts its fifth season.

Now, its third movie will soon hit the big screen. In no time, fans will finally see My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission in Japan theaters, starting on Monday, August 6.

Featured image used courtesy of BagoGames/Flickr/CC BY 2.0 (, video used courtesy of TOHO animation channel/YouTube Channel

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