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Mysterious ‘Utah monolith’ becomes the subject of UFO theories!


It seems like the social media world has found a new subject of curiosity. It’s the mysterious “Utah monolith,” becoming a topic of UFO theories!

According to The Independent, a strange structure was recently discovered in the state of the US. Its unexplained emergence is currently causing a lot of social media buzz. Due to its location in Utah, it has got the name of the “Utah monolith.”

In just 48 hours, though, one of the people, who learned about it, visited the actual site! He wanted to see it in reality, the metal monolith structure.

“Utah monolith” and the curiosity around it

The officials discovered the metal structure in the Utah desert. Initially, on Nov. 18th, the Utah Department of Public Safety and Division of Wildlife Resources spotted it from a helicopter. It happened while counting sheep in the remote southeastern area. Sometimes it’s often compared to Mars due to its terrain, which is similar to the Earth’s neighboring planet.

At first, the officials refused to share the exact location of the Utah monolith. They feared that people would try to search for it just for the sake of adventure. They thought that it wasn’t safe for the public to try to visit the area in the hope of seeing the structure themselves.

However, on Wednesday, several hikers successfully managed to find the 12ft monolith in Utah. They had the exact coordinates, thanks to Google Earth. Many online posts also helped them as the ones from Reddit.

One Army infantry officer, David Surber, also reached the spot with the help of online coordinates.

“I decided to go there first because I was drawn to the fact that this object had been there for five years, hidden in nature,” he said. He mentioned that witnessing something like this felt great, considering how bad 2020 is going.

“It was a good escape from all the negativity we’ve experienced in 2020.”

Social media is calling it a UFO act

Meanwhile, people on social media can’t get enough of the metal monolith. And the moment its first video was shared online, everyone is trying to decode it. It’s because no one knows, yet, how and when it came into the remote southeastern area of Utah.

On the other hand, there are also those coming up with the theories of UFOs! They think that aliens might have built the “Utah monolith.” It’s funny to think of, but many people are even supporting such claims. And that’s because there’s no actual and authentic detail yet. But few art experts are saying that it could be the work of late artist John McCracken.

Image courtesy of Maria Uspenskaya/Shutterstock

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