Mystery RPG ‘The Forgotten City’ shows off new trailer


Upcoming mystery RPG The Forgotten City has a new trailer out today. In the new 10-minute walkthrough, the devs show off the beauty of their time-looper title.

The Forgotten City looks very promising, with a beautiful gilded world awaiting players. The extended look from dev team Modern Storyteller and publisher Dear Villagers is intriguing. There is a ton of mystery waiting behind the marble floors and golden doors.

Forgotten City brings players to an ancient Roman city

Forgotten City brings players to investigate an ancient Roman city. 22 people exist within the city, and among them lies a person who will commit a crime. It’s the player’s job to interact with these people and find out who will do so.

There is one big caveat that makes the entire problem more complicated than it is. A mysterious entity punishes anyone who commits a sin, turning everyone into gold. Once this happens, players would then need to pull back with a time-loop and try again.

With the time-looping mechanics, players can redo everything. The main character can piece the ongoing problem and undo the Midas-like curse. The hope is to have players catch the culprit before they doom everyone else.

The game plays and feels like a Fallout or Elder Scrolls game, and for a reason. The entire title came from a Skyrim mod – the first ever to win an award. The script was so good that the Australian Writers’ Guild praised it.

Forgotten City has superb graphics but needs more work

The Forgotten City has a few things going for it. The graphic design is solid, especially with the backing of an official publisher. The game has a very modern feel to it, especially its environmental rendering.


The story is stellar for the game, with the plot giving a clear and ever-present mystery. The entire gameplay is compelling, especially for fans of story-based sleuthing. The problems about the game, so far, are glaring.

First, the game seems janky. While the design is crisp and clear, the movements are robotic. The trailer is not a good measure of how the game could be, as it seems it’s still super buggy. The walkthrough had slowdowns, framerate issues, and stiff animation.

The game still needs quite the polish, which warrants its recent delay. The title also shows how obvious the Skyrim influences are. Forgotten City looks like it’s plucked straight out of Bethesda’s umbrella.

Regardless, The Forgotten City will be a compelling story. The game will be available on Steam and Xbox One, listed for a Winter 2020 release.

Images courtesy of Dear Villagers/Youtube Screenshot

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