Nacon releases teaser for ‘Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown’

Nacon has officially released the teaser trailer for Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown—the follow-up to Test Drive Unlimited 2.

The Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown teaser was unveiled during this week’s Nacon Connect, the first-ever digital conference held by Nacon, along with other ongoing projects currently in collaboration with various internal and partner studios

Currently being developed by Kylotonn (aka KT Racing), the new Test Drive Unlimited game will see players race against each other in the Solar Crown competition.

Nacon has not disclosed any release date yet for the newest addition to its Test Drive Unlimited lineup of racing games, so those looking to get their hands on the game will have to wait for further updates soon.

What to expect in Solar Crown

According to the official press release, the Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown project is headed by Alain Jarniou, who has had plenty of experience developing racing games through 2015’s WRC 5 and 2016’s WRC 6, the latter of which he served as the games’ director.

He also happened to have worked on the original Test Drive Unlimited game from 2006, so fans can expect this new installment to be in good hands.

Jarniou’s take on the latest franchise title will pretty much adhere to what made the racing game series a hit in the last few years.

Needless to say, there will be loads of elegant cars featured in the gameplay, and just like before, players will get to speed around a luxurious island.

The open-world setting will showcase a 1:1 recreation of a yet-to-be-revealed locale based on a real-world island, so those looking for authenticity might not be disappointed.

Of course, it’s not just about repeating everything from the previous versions, but also trying something new.

In that regard, Kylotonn is heavily hinting that the gameplay will bring a more enhanced racing experience for players, with improvements for existing game modes and probably implementations of new ones as well.

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown teaser trailer

Expanding the Test Drive Unlimited catalog

The first Test Drive Unlimited debuted back in 2006, with a racing backdrop modeled after the Hawaiian island of O’ahu, including its roads and highways.

Half a decade later, a sequel, Test Drive Unlimited 2, would be released. This 2011 follow-up would not only return to O’ahu for another go-round but also introduce a new island, Ibiza (Spain).

Fast-forwarding almost ten years later, Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown is now set to continue the series’ racing tradition.

Images courtesy of Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown/Steam

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