Nancy Pelosi beats Melania, Ivanka Trump in this COVID-19 gear

Nancy Pelosi has upgraded her style and even made face masks a trend overshadowing Melania and Ivanka Trump in making a fashion statement amid the global pandemic.

Nancy Pelosi has become one of the popular figures amid the coronavirus pandemic. The Speaker of the House has been seen wearing various masks that match her outfits, and many praised her for that.

Nancy Pelosi starts a new fashion trend

Nancy Pelosi’s effort in wearing fashionable masks didn’t go unnoticed to many. In fact, many loved it and followed the face mask trend that she started.

In the past week, Pelosi has been photographed color-coordinating her mask with her outfit. For instance, she wore a pink mask to match her pink pantsuit, a green palm-frond patterned mask with a black dress, a red floral mask with her fuchsia blazer, and more.

“She has a way about her,” Chris Lewis, who supplied Pelosi with her fashionable masks, told CNN.

I know the colors she wears, and I knew she would know just how to wear the masks,” he added.

According to International Business Times, Pelosi is beating Melania and Ivanka Trump in terms of making a fashion statement by wearing masks. Even Hillary Clinton, the former First Lady of the United States, praised Pelosi’s fashion.

For instance, Clinton shared a snap of Pelosi wearing a pink mask that matches her pink suit.

“Leader of the House majority, and of mask-to-pantsuit color coordination: @speakerpelosi,” Clinton wrote on Instagram.

Pelosi helped local tailors by wearing their masks

Chris Lewis, owner of a small upscale clothing boutique in Alexandria, Virginia, spoke with CNN. According to him, he started producing face masks amid the coronavirus pandemic for fun. He didn’t know that it would help his business in a big way.

At first, it wasn’t so serious, it was just for fun. We were making masks for our regular customers who might want them,” Lewis said.

Lewis asked his local tailors to make masks from remnants of the Italian fabrics he purchased for clothes. He didn’t think that it would be a major part of his business, especially after Nancy Pelosi ordered some of his masks.

She said, ‘Chris, pick me out some, send me about four or five,’” Lewis recalled.

Since then, whoosh, like a rocket — it’s been overwhelming.

The masks that Nancy Pelosi has been wearing feature the Donna Lewis label on the outside. Although it was only a small tag, it was big enough for people to read from her photos.

Thanks to it, Lewis sold masks to various countries, including Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, and Europe. He also shared that Pelosi’s fans have reached out to him to order masks.

“She has quite a following,” Lewis said about the American politician.


Image used courtesy of Albert H. Teich/Shutterstock

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