Naruto’s ‘Baryon Mode’ unveils its special power

Baryon Mode, Naruto’s new transformation, reveals its unique characteristics that balance the scales against Isshiki Otsutsuki!

Naruto’s newest form in Boruto: Naruto Next GenerationsBaryon Mode, has been making rounds on the internet with its life-threatening capabilities.

The power might be dangerous, but it contains a unique, extraordinary power that matches the seemingly bottomless strength of Isshiki.

The unique character of the new transformation

The previous chapter of the Boruto series ended on a major cliffhanger. The episode revealed Naruto unleashing a new Nine-Tails form that will drain his life.

Meanwhile, the life-threatening characteristics of the power were proven right in the recent episode. Also, the transformation was dubbed as Baryon Mode.

It drains Naruto and Kurama’s life when active, and it has a unique capability to weaken those around him.

Chapter 52 of the series kicked-off Naruto’s Baryon Mode in full. Kurama told Naruto that it works like a nuclear fusion. This means that their chakra is the base for their power.

As the new form destroys Naruto and Kurama’s chakra with each passing moment, it also eliminates the chakra of Isshiki.

And since all chakra is the same at the root, Isshiki weakens when Naruto comes in contact with him.

Consumed by the powerful change

Furthermore, Boruto‘s Chapter 52 reveals Naruto is slowly tolled by the Baryon Mode the longer he uses it. Even if Naruto is now more robust and faster than Isshiki, he will be staggering in a short while.

However, Isshiki begins to bleed from his mouth and shake as he tries to take advantage of it.

While Baryon Mode gives them a considerable boost, Kurama explains that it still would not have been enough to defeat Isshiki under normal circumstances.

With this, Naruto decided they would use this form that destroys their power and lifespan. This is because it would, in turn, destroy Isshiki’s chakra and lifespan with each successful hit.

Meanwhile, since Isshiki thinks he still had 20 hours within Jigen’s dying body, it is clear that he already realizes this as well. But at this point, with Naruto’s Baryon Mode ability, he now only has less than 30 minutes.

What do you think about the new power ability of Naruto?


Image courtesy of Samurai TV Anime/YouTube Screenshot

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