NASA is excited to reveal a new discovery about the Moon

NASA is going to reveal a discovery about the moon on Monday. The discovery is about a science result, and they will announce it at a news conference.

NASA is teasing everybody about the new mysterious findings of the moon. The space agency is going to reveal the discovery on Monday at noon. The news conference in which they will share the information will be live on NASA’s website.

According to the sources, there can be involvement of flying telescopes. At a conference, NASA stated a mysterious discovery about the moon. The Press Conference to place in regards to the Artemis program.

Artemis program

National Aeronautics and space administration was the one to introduce the Artemis program. Also, this program is related to the moon. However, this program has an Accord which is signed by many countries.

The Artemis accords state a union between other countries so that every country can peacefully and responsibly explore the moon. It is a peace Treaty outside space on the moon and the Cosmos.

In addition to that, the Artemis program looks forward to sending astronauts to the moon by 2024.

The program also looks forward to sending the first woman on the moon by 2024. As the Artemis program is concentrated around the moon, NASA has been researching a lot more than usual on the program’s moon.

The research of NASA

The primary key of the research comes from a long-running observatory, the stratospheric observatory of infrared astronomy. SOFIA is a partnership between Germany and America, and it flew off to the earth’s atmosphere in 2007.

The project scientist, Nasim Rangwala, will be one of four speakers at the conference. She is the project scientist of the SOFIA mission at NASA. There will be other speakers like Paul Hertz, Jacob bleacher, and Casey Hannibal.

Also, SOFIA can be the observatory through which this discovery has been made. However, the agency’s reaction does not feel like it is terrible news from the moon. The discovery may be good news that can help humankind to reach the moon faster.


SOFIA is a stargazing platform up in the earth’s atmosphere. It observes nebulae and galaxies and produces a colorful image of infrared lights. It is not a ground-based telescope, but it is inserted inside an airplane.

The shell of the observatory is a compact Boeing 747. The observatory was on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The observatory takes 10 are flies up in the atmosphere and lands on the ground every day.

Although SOFIA is facing many budgetary issues, the government has been requesting the cancellation of the project. Congress has been stated the project every time.

In conclusion, NASA will reveal the truth about the discovery on Monday, and the scientist seems very excited about the discovery.

Image courtesy of Nadezda Murmakova/Shutterstock

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