NASCAR returns to the races

Two months is a long time for NASCAR drivers. With the lockdown situation hampering the races, drivers trained in simulators. The good news is that the wait is finally over. NASCAR races return on May 17 at Darlington, South Carolina.

After two long months, NASCAR drivers will race again. For sure, a lot of people and racing enthusiasts are looking forward to this event. But, how can they watch the races if they don’t have cable?

Options to watch the NASCAR races

People can watch the races through the Fox channel and the Fox app. But what about the people who rely on normal television channels? No worries because they can watch through live TV services. Not all TV services carry the Fox channel, though. So, this article will help people by listing the channels that will show the races.

Sling TV – With $30 per month, viewers can have the Fox channel on their TV channel list. They will also get the FS1 channel.

FuboTV – The Fox and FS1 channels are available for viewing for $55 per month.

YouTube TV – For $50, people can watch shows on the Fox and FS1 channels.

AT&T TV Now – This TV service package costs $55 per month. Their package includes Fox and FS1.

Hulu with Live TV – The Fox and FS1 channels are in this TV service package for $55 per month.

Subscribing to these TV services would ensure that viewers can watch the races live. They can also get other channels to watch shows as well.

What’re NASCAR drivers been doing these past months?

When the lockdown suspended all races, drivers had no choice but to train with simulators. Of course, nothing beats the real thing, but this is the next best thing. Are the drivers ready? Are they race-worthy, or do they need to re-sharpen their skills? People will know all the answers on Sunday, May 17, at Darlington.

NASCAR will go down in history as the first sport to return from the pandemic’s onset. But, changes will appear beginning this Sunday. The races will never be the same again.

The changes include no practice or qualifying races. Fans will also not be at the benches to watch the races live. Racing teams will only have 16 members. They need to wear face masks and pass temperature screening tests.

Races will start on May 17, 3:30 pm Eastern, and 12:30 pm Pacific Time. The races will air live on Fox. The next race will happen on May 31, June 7, 14, and 21. Different racetracks will host the event. Fox and FS1 will deliver the races live as they happen.

It’s a good thing that NASCAR is back on its feet amidst the pandemic. Other sports may follow suit in the coming days.


Images courtesy of Pixabay / Pexels

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