Naughty Dog gives a sneak peek of ‘The Last of Us 2’

Naughty Dog has been very busy when it comes to revealing more details about the highly anticipated The Last of Us 2. Even after putting the game on highlight at the recent State of Play, the developers still released a new video that takes us to a behind the scenes look at the game.

The previous behind the scenes videos gave players a look at the way the story and the gameplay were developed for The Last of Us 2. This new video takes us to the steps that Naughty Dog has taken to ensure that the game is as immersive as it gets.

The finer details revealed

When it comes to visuals, the game is a huge improvement over the cult classic. In fact, some of the improvements that players might see are those that they may not notice the first time around. According to the developers, they took the time to add more detail to each of the characters in the game.

Narrative lead Halley Gross says: “our goal with this game is to create the most authentic characters that you’ve seen in a game. Not just Ellie, not just Joel, but that every character you see is dimensional.”

This means adding refined details such as red eyes to characters who been lacking sleep and even popping veins on the forehead for characters who are expressing anger. It may not seem much to players of The Last of Us 2, but it’s these details that will make the game feel more alive.

Naughty Dog’s attention to detail explored

One of the things that the first game was praised for was its attention to detail with regards to the virus outbreak. Not all zombie games take time to let players understand why the outbreak occurred in the first place.

The Cordyceps virus, which spreads through air or bites from the zombies, was detailed heavily in-game. Naughty Dog has the same approach with the sequel. They even added a new stage of infection for the zombies in the game called the Shamblers.

The Shamblers are heavily armored zombies that can release a spore cloud when hit. Clickers and Bloaters are also available in the sequel.

The Last of Us 2 launches on June 19 for the PlayStation 4. Naughty Dog has already revealed a lot about the game, but considering its attention to detail, there may be a lot of other things we yet to see.


Image used courtesy of Sony/YouTube

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