Naya Rivera accused of being ‘negligent,’ could’ve prevented herself from drowning: Report

Naya Rivera accused of being 'negligent,' could've prevented herself from drowning: Report

Naya Rivera died a few weeks ago due to accidental drowning.

But a source recently told Globe that Naya Rivera could’ve prevented her own death if only she wore her life vest. The tabloid and its source also dubbed the Glee star as “negligent.”

Naya Rivera tragic death revisited

Forensic pathologist Dr. Cyril Wecht shared his observations about Rivera’s accident. But the pathologist made it clear that he didn’t have anything to do with the investigations.

According to Dr. Wecht, it is possible that Rivera’s vertigo trigged her panic attack, which made it difficult for the actress to get back on the boat.

“The dizziness and vertigo may have contributed to her death. I have no way of knowing this or proving it, but it’s possible she may have become confused in the water and lost her sense of coordination. I don’t know why she wasn’t wearing her life jacket. It’s negligence on her part,” he said.

Naya Rivera could've prevented her own death 

Naya Rivera could’ve prevented her own death

Dr. Wecht also said that it’s evident Rivera became overwhelmed for some reason. But she was only wearing her life jacket, it’s possible for her to regain her senses and perceptive powers.

“And I’m sure she would realize what was going on and hold on to the boat until she was able to pull herself up,” he said.

According to Globe, the toxicology reports of Naya Rivera revealed that she had small amounts of anti-anxiety drug and appetite suppressants in her system. But her alcohol levels were five times lower than the legal limit for drunk driving in California.

‘Glee’ star suffered from vertigo, took prescription drugs

However, Dr. Wecht said that the prescription amphetamine, booze, and her vertigo might have contributed to her untimely demise.

In the autopsy, it was revealed that Rivera knew how to swim well. And the staff from where she rented the boat said that the actress refused to wear a life jacket. Even then, he still placed one on the boat.

Rivera’s body was found on July 13 clad in her two-piece bathing suit. Her son, Josey was found sleeping on the boat they rented and with his life jacket on.

According to the young boy’s accounts, his mother placed him on the boat before she raised her hand and screamed for help. But it didn’t take long before Rivera drowned and passed away.

Naya Rivera isn’t the only Glee cast member who died at such a young age. Cory Monteith passed away following a heroin and booze overdose. Mark Salling took his own life two years ago.

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