Naya Rivera sister, ex-husband living together rumors: What Twitter says

Naya Rivera sister, ex-husband living together rumors: What Twitter says

Naya Rivera passed away two months ago, and photos of her ex-husband Ryan Dorsey and sister Nickayla have made the rounds online after Daily Mail released it. The two are reportedly living together to raise Naya’s son.

Naya Rivera and Ryan Dorsey have separated in 2016 but reconciled shortly. They split for good in 2018. However, they remain amicable as they raise their son Josey. But the news of Naya’s ex Ryan and sister Nickayla living together raised some eyebrows.

Naya Rivera sister and ex-husband living together

Naya Rivera died a few months ago of drowning during a vacation with her son Josey. She used all of her strength to keep her son safe on the boat.

Daily Mail published several photos of Naya’s sister and ex-husband together moving his things in a rental home which they occupied together. The move raised some eyebrows with many asking why they need to live in the same roof.

Twitter users have mixed reactions to the news. While some immediately put malice on Ryan and Nickayla living together, many also believed that they are just there for each other because they are both grieving.

“If my sister passed away and my brother in law needed me to move in and help I would in a heartbeat. Doesn’t anything romantic was going on, I’d just be there to help anyway I could!” one wrote.

A different user suggested that even if they are living together, it doesn’t mean that they are already dating. The same netizen said, both are grieving and Josey will be confused where his mom is. So, his aunt is staying to help Dorsey transition as a solo parent.

Meanwhile, another said it only became “messy” because the girl with Ryan is Naya’s sister. The user added had it been a different girl; it would have received a different response.

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Nickayla asked for compassion

Following the backlash Naya Rivera’s sister and ex received, Nickayla took to Instagram to seemingly address the issue. She didn’t deny or confirm that she and Ryan Dorsey are living together. Instead, she asked for compassion.

In her message on her Instagram Story, Nickayla said the only important thing for her is her family and friends. She added that she has to show up for her nephew even when she can’t show up for herself. Nickayla continued by saying that she learned how to show compassion and not judge and she asked the others to do the same.

Ryan Dorsey spoke up about the issue

Meanwhile, Ryan Dorsey addressed the issue by sharing a video on Instagram. Naya Rivera’s ex-husband was emotional as he explained their set-up.

According to him, it was his 5-year-old son Josey who wanted Naya to live with them. The little man considered his aunt the “closest thing he has to a mom.”


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