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‘NBA 2K20’ Kobe Bryant DLC for Mamba Day comemoration


2K Sports commemorates Mamba Day by announcing a special Kobe Bryant DLC in NBA 2K20. Player’s will get to relive the NBA legendary’s best performances in MyTeam mode.

On Monday, the world celebrated Mamba Day. A day that was inaugurated in Kobe Bryant’s name to honor his last game in NBA.

With the pandemic still on a high, many may have overlooked what April 13 was but not 2K Sports. In a simple way, the NBA 2k maker commemorated Mamba Day with a short video tribute on Twitter.

The video featured an array of Kobe’s NBA 2K characters throughout the years. With a tag that says, “LEGENDS LIVE ON.”

NBA 2K20 Kobe Bryant DLC

True to its tag, 2K sports had something in-store to keep Black Mamba’s memories alive. The day after Mamba Day, NBA 2K20 released a Kobe Bryant content.

The NBA game is giving away a free Pink Diamond Kobe card with locker code KOBE-JHE93-J987G-PWEHD. Go to MyTeam to be able to redeem the special card giveaway with a 96 overall rating.

Now, players should note that the stats on the free Kobe Bryant card is based on his last game in 2016.

Aside from the Pink Diamond card, there’s also a new set of Kobe Bryant Spotlight Challenges. The challenges revolve around recreating eight of the NBA legendary’s moments from his career, like his 81-point game against the Toronto Raptors, and his 60-point final game against Utah Jazz.

The challenges are as follows:

  • Win the game and score at least 24 points with Career Highlights Kobe
  • Get at least seven assists with Career Highlights Kobe, three-minute quarters
  • Make 12 three-pointers with Career Highlights Kobe, Pro difficulty, four-minute quarters
  • Score 62 points with Career Highlights Kobe, Pro difficulty, five-minute quarters.
  • Score 81 points with Career Highlights Kobe, All-Star difficulty, six-minute quarters
  • Score 65 points with Career Highlights Kobe, Pro difficulty, six-minute quarters
  • Score 61 points with Career Highlights Kobe, All-Star difficulty, five-minute quarters
  • Score 60 points with Career Highlights Kobe, All-Star difficulty, five-minute quarters

There are corresponding rewards for each completed Spotlight challenge. Once players complete all eight challenges, they get 81 tokens.

Galaxy Opal Kobe Bryant might come

Meanwhile, reports claim that a Galaxy Opal Kobe Bryant might be coming. Accordingly, it is believed that completing all eight Spotlight Challenges is vital, as it may be a requirement for the Black Mamba Galaxy Opal.

There’s been no official 2K Sports or NBA 2K20 statement to confirm it. However, it’s been wildly teased.

This year’s Mamba day commemoration is a bit emotional considering the legend’s unexpected passing last January 26, 2020.

Kobe, along with his 13-year old daughter, Giana, and seven others died in a tragic helicopter crash while they were on their way to Mamba Sports Academy.

Images courtesy of NBA 2K20/Twitter Video Screenshot

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