NBA and NBPA may allow anxious players to sit the season out


The NBA and the NBPA may allow anxious players to sit the season out if they’re not comfortable in playing once the seasonal games begin.

Restarting the NBA season isn’t as simple as rebooting a device. Several factors have to be taken into consideration before the restart. The recent unrest and protests across the United States are one of those biggest considerations.

Not to mention that the country is also still facing an uphill battle against controlling the pandemic. Given these two big factors, NBA teams and players alike are weighing out the reality of a restarted NBA season.

The Majority of the NBA players have taken to social media their stand on racial injustice. Some have gone to the extent of going back to their home cities to join peaceful protests.

NBA and NBPA may allow players to sit out

Adrian Wojnarowski reports that the NBA and NBPA may allow players to sit the rest of the restarted season out. He reports that two associations are considering the weight of everything that is happening in the U.S.

Sitting the restarted season out will not be taken against the players. Instead, their salaries will be reduced according to the number of missed games. No other disciplinary measures will be imposed on them.

Once a player leaves the Disney World compound, he must be quarantined for ten days before returning. Moreover, he needs to have negative results twice in COVID-19 tests.

The staff will also be limited from entering the playing facility. Even the coaches and team owners that are older may not be allowed to join their teams on the sidelines.

Complete cancellation of the season

As soon as the NBA announced the date for its restarted season, several players have mixed feelings toward the matter. Former Lakers guard Matt Barnes aired his opinion that the NBA should completely be canceled.

Several things could still happen between now and the restarted season. The adjustment mentioned above is still not yet confirmed. Nonetheless, it will be welcome progress for NBA players.

As for the fans, it may not be such a good idea considering that they would want to watch the NBA teams play at full capacity.

Asterisk championship

This season is uncharted territory for the league. Shaquille O’Neal said that whoever wins this year’s NBA championship will have an asterisk on their trophy.

NBA has never experienced such an abrupt suspension of the league. It never had to consider having teams play in one venue just to finish the season. It will be interesting to see how events will unfold.

Image courtesy of Edgar Chapparo/ Unsplash

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