NBA bubble health protocols prohibit on-court physical antics

NBA bubble health protocols discourage on-court physical antics

The NBA bubble health protocol is prohibiting any unnecessary physical contact on and off the court, which includes pre-game physical antics.

The state of Florida has just been announced as the latest epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States. More and more cases are piling up each day, and the NBA doesn’t want its bubble popped.

The NBA is not risking another suspension or total cancellation of the season. As such, it has put in place a strict protocol for NBA players and staff to follow inside the Orlando bubble. Inside, everyone should observe strict physical distancing. All teams follow a strict schedule to avoid bumping into each other, whether it be for recreation or work.

No handshakes inside the NBA bubble

For the past few years, the media has caught up on the hype of pre-game routines of players. The most iconic for the past decade is Lebron James’ powder toss. However, several other players have developed their take on the antics. Many of such include complicated handshakes and body bumps to show camaraderie. Russell Westbrook is also no stranger to these trendy routines.

Lebron James, for his part, has his own set of unique handshakes for each player in his team. Unfortunately, these may be prohibited inside the bubble due to COVID-19. Everyone inside the bubble has been limited to elbow bumps as a replacement for handshakes or hugs. Former teammates are not even allowed to each other without a six-feet distance between them.

Fans can count on the players to be creative on their approach to work around this rule. Earlier this year, 76ers forwards Tobias Harris and Kyle O’Quinn have devised a new hand-sanitizing handshake before the NBA suspension.

Disney World entertainment

The NBA didn’t scrimp on providing the players the best time possible. The league ensured that it partnered with the happiest place on earth to ensure that the players’ mental health is kept at check.

According to earlier reports, players will get exclusive access to Disney World’s fun rides. They also get early screenings of movies that have still yet to hit theaters. Each team is also provided a liaison so they can book any theme park attractions that they want.

The golf course and lake fishing are two of the most booked activities during the players’ off day. Interactions are limited within the team, and the Disney-provided activities are important to keep the players entertained for the next three months.

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