NBA bubble: physical distancing highlighted in the new court

NBA bubble, physical distancing highlighted in the new court

NBA scrimmage games have commenced, and the new court implemented inside the bubble highlights physical distancing among players and staff.

The NBA bubble has so far been a resounding success. Players and team owners alike have praised the league for such a good operation inside the NBA. Except for some first-day hiccups, the NBA bubble has been smooth sailing with players having a good time in Disney World.

Teams have been practicing inside the bubble for almost two weeks now, and they’ll get their first real action on the court on July 31.

NBA bubble scrimmage court

The NBA will be using a new court inside the bubble to hold the games. These courts have specialized physical distancing measures to minimize player or staff contacts as much as possible.

Nothing is normal with the new setup. The most noticeable difference would be the huge ‘Black Lives Matter‘ phrase plastered front and center of the court. The control center of the game will no longer be found parallel to the center court. Instead, they have been broken down and separated into their clusters throughout the arena.

Commentators will be placed a few feet high into the stands to prevent any player interactions that would normally occur before the games. Stat counters, game officials, and the main control center will be enclosed in a structure several feet away from the court.

Physical distancing and wearing of masks

The new tagline of the NBA is ‘Whole New Game.’ It points to the fact that the setup of the games has never before been done in the history of the league. The pre-game setup of the matches hasn’t been discussed. However, NBA fans can expect the fanfare to be less.

As much as possible, the league wants the game to be done in the shortest time possible. It is to ensure that sanitation in between games can be emphasized. Moreover, the games will only be the time that teams can physically come into contact with each other. As such, the rules regarding the wearing of masks and physical distancing could be relaxed a bit.

Players will have their usual two-layer bench seats expanded into three layers. Each seat will be allocated for each player, and they will be a few feet apart. The NBA hasn’t officially set out the sanctions if the distancing is breached. However, it seems difficult as players normally convene during huddles and bench time to discuss adjustments in the games.

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