NBA bubble preview: massive things that have changed

NBA bubble preview, three things that have changed

The NBA bubble is officially on its way, and the experience of watching the games on-screen is a whole new different feeling because there are no fans.

NBA fans haven’t seen an on-court NBA action for exactly 133 days. Fortunately, the NBA is back today to finish the remaining chapter of the book left unwritten. The league knows that the season will not be anything close to normal. As such, it made its new tagline calling the NBA a “Whole New Game.”

The first day of the scrimmage games had four matches highlighted by the rested Los Angeles Clippers and the Denver Nuggets. These two teams are powerhouses in the West. In a normal setup, their games would have so much excitement around them. However, watching them play with no fans in the arena could take a while in getting used to.

NBA bubble doesn’t have fans in the arena

Watching the new setup on any screen will feel a bit lacking. The reality is that despite not being in the arena, people watching from their screens experience the same excitement as the fans inside.

The cheers and the boos from the live crowd transcend the boundaries of the arena straight into the live streamers’ homes.

What has been seen are just scrimmage games, so the NBA still has time to introduce some artificial arena sounds. European football leagues have resorted to this strategy to at least give off a sense of normalcy for the players and the fans.

Formula 1 has a special screen for a fan highlight on the track. Anything that can break can virtually break the barrier between the bubble; the screen would be a welcome addition.

Squeaky floors and shoes

Related to not having fans in the arena, watching the games on screen is a major pain in the ears. The hardcourts used in the bubble are all brand new. In other words, they are freshly painted, coated, and polished. As such, players running and pivoting on the floor produce such high pitched squeaks.

Some would think that this is part of the game and the feel for real on-court action. However, after an hour or two of watching the games, the squeaks can borderline be annoying. This reality is where artificial arena sounds and noises could come in handy.

Image from Milwaukee Bucks/ YouTube thumbnail

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