NBA bubble scoring has been off the charts

NBA bubble scoring has been off the charts

The NBA bubble scoring has been hitting all-time highs as players and teams settle comfortably in their new home for the next months.

The seeding stage will finish tomorrow. On Saturday, fans will be treated to a pre-Playoffs showcase with a matchup until now still hasn’t been finalized.

These are exciting times for the NBA, and its fanbase can’t ask for more considering the situation out there. COVID-19 has forced the league to be creative. Although far from ideal, this is the best that they can do, and it’s paying dividends.

Hopefully, no new cases spring up in the bubble. Otherwise, the crazy scoring groove of the players may be interrupted yet again.

NBA bubble scoring is getting out of hand

17 of the 22 teams inside are scoring past their team average before the season got suspended. It could be the water in Orlando, but the players seem to be extra sharpshooting. Only the Lakers, Raptors, Wizards, Thunders, and Pelicans didn’t catch the shooting bug.

In reality, the players’ escalated scoring can be attributed to several factors. First, they don’t have to travel from state to state, which means they are well-rested in between games.

Second, they shoot in almost identical arenas. The NBA bubble has a total of three stadiums, all of which are set up in the same way. In other words, there is no true home-court feel to the hoops or backgrounds. Once a player finds his sweet shooting rhythm, there’s no stopping him. Just ask T.J. Warren after his other-worldly scoring barrage.

Third, there is no loud crowd that can distract the players. Instead of having fans sit on the court-side, they have been relegated to the screens. As such, there are no jawing fans that can take the focus of the players away.

A higher level of competitiveness

Dallas head coach Rick Carlisle attributes the scoring to the development of the league as a whole. He said,

“To me, it’s just the level of aggression of the players. And the fact that, you know, the skill sets of NBA players are increasing exponentially by the month. I mean, it’s just getting harder and harder to guard these guys. There’s a high level of enthusiasm. The closeness of the games has been crazy to watch. It’s just been a very special time here — even though it’s been quite unusual.”

Players have been getting more creative every season. Also, three-point scoring has been the focus of the teams. Long gone are the days when post-up and mid-range shooting were gold.

Now, the league is seeing an absurd yet effective side-step three-point pull up invented by James Harden. More and more players are shooting way beyond the arc. It seems like shooting from the logo needs a different category from 3-point percentages already.

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