NBA bubble sends out detailed plan on visiting guests

NBA bubble sends out detailed plan on visiting guests

The NBA bubble has sent out a detailed memo laying down the rules on families and guests that will visit the Orlando facility later this month.

Right now, the best place in the world can easily be the NBA bubble.

It is enjoying almost four weeks of no positive cases, and it is quite paradoxical that Florida’s death toll is rising. As such, the NBA is continuing to enforce its strict health protocols. Otherwise, the bubble will be popped. Players inside haven’t been able to be with their families for almost a month now.

Fortunately, those that have been eliminated from the bubble can already go home. Meanwhile, players that have to stay will have to wait for their families to come to them.

NBA bubble visiting protocols

The league sent out a memo for teams lucky enough to go past the first round. Only then will players be allowed to bring in family and friends in the bubble. That time will mark the first time that the league will allow non-players or staff to cheer from the sidelines. The rules are pretty straightforward, except for one point.

Each player can bring in up to four guests plus children inside the bubble. However, the four guests can either be family or “longtime close personal friends with whom a player has an established, pre-existing, and known personal relationship.” It is the qualifier that makes the rules raise eyebrows.

The NBA wants to look into the connection between the players and the invited guests. Its clear rule is that strictly social media relationships are not allowed. One NBA exec said, casual acquaintances,

“could create problems within your team — and maybe someone’s else’s too.”

Entrance protocols

The families and guests that plan to enter the bubble will have to go through stringent quarantine protocols. They have two options. First, fulfill the seven days of isolation near the bubble. Second, spend the first three days in their home state, and complete the remaining days inside the campus.

Obviously, the players are all excited to see their families again. The Phoenix Suns even surprised their players with a video intro recorded by the special people in their lives. Kyle Kuzma said,

“They’ve [NBA] done a great job, but at the same time, we’re all human and we all have our whole families and loved ones that we want to see and be around. It’s good news.”

The families and guests will eventually be able to sit courtside to cheer their teams on. Of course, strict social distancing protocols will be enforced. Also, they will not be able to enter and exit the bubble as they please freely.

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