NBA bubble update: zero new cases recorded among players

NBA bubble update, zero new cases recorded among players

The NBA bubble conducted the latest sweep of COVID-19 tests among players, and no one tested positive, which is good news for the league.

The NBA season is walking on a tightrope day after day. It will take only one outbreak inside the bubble for Adam Silver to call it quits on the restart. Fortunately, they’ve put in place a stringent set of rules to ensure it doesn’t happen.

In last week’s latest round of COVID-19 tests, a couple of unidentified players tested positive. As a result, they were immediately taken out of the bubble for self-isolation.

The league is taking every test seriously, and no one is safe from any small or big infraction of the rules. Merely stepping over the bubble boundary will be enough to penalize a player for another eight days of self-isolation. Fortunately, the strict rules inside the bubble have produced concrete results.

NBA bubble is officially COVID-19 free

In the latest round of swab testing among the players, no one tested positive for the virus. It is a good step in the right direction. It also means that the protocols that the NBA has set are working.

No one testing positive doesn’t mean that the strict rules will be loosened. On the contrary, the league is expected to keep its protocols in place to prevent the players from being lax. Also, COVID-19 still rages right around the border of Disney World. As such, the league is making sure that no one breaches the tight security around the perimeter.

NBA fans will see the first on-court action next in the scrimmage games. The first to tipoff will be the Orlando Magic against the Los Angeles Clippers. The majority of these games will be televised across local, national, and online streaming platforms.

NBA teams helping each other out

Miami Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra believes that getting help from other teams will be useful for the NBA bubble. Their situation is far from ideal. After four months of no on-court action, teams are thrust into a shortened two-week training camp. After this, they will be asked to play in scrimmage games and the seeding round games.

Spoelstra thinks that working with other team’s coaches will be good for the league as a whole. He has verbally agreed with Kings head coach Luke Walton and Jazz head coach Quinn Snyder for some sort of cooperation in the scrimmage games. Fans can expect to see the players run specific sets for the other team to react on.

Also, they can expect to see less action as the teams try to study the necessary adjustments needed on the floor.

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