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NBA free agents Joakim Noah, Joe Johnson, J.R Smith still available for signing


Several NBA free agents are still available in the market to solidify the rosters of NBA teams locked in for the Playoffs.

The fate of the NBA restart will rely on the collective effort of the league. They must prevent the virus from infecting anyone in the bubble. Also, the herculean challenge is to keep the bubble virus-free for almost four months.

One positive case during the restart will trigger a domino effect on the league’s schedule until the 2020-2021 season. Be that as it may, that problem is just a looming cloud on top of executives’ heads. Right now, their main concern is how to build a Playoffs team. Below are the top three NBA free agents that need to be signed.

Joakim Noah

The former Chicago Bull center Joakim Noah used to be an MVP candidate in the league. He is known to be a vocal and physical center on the court. Although his playing style is unorthodox, he can fit in almost any team because of his passing abilities. Also, his brute playing style makes him perfect as a team’s grit-and-grind leader.

Noah is reportedly signing with the LA Clippers. However, teams such as the Dallas Mavericks or Boston Celtics could use a back-up center like him. Joakim Noah’s career average is 8.8 points, 9.1 rebounds, and 2.8 assists.

Joe Johnson

Known as one of the NBA free agents for this year.  ‘Iso Joe’ is a leader on the court that needs a team to sign him immediately. Johnson’s clutch shooting ability makes him an important asset in key Playoffs games. According to SBNation, Johnson holds the title of hitting the most game-winning shot in the league at eight. No other player has more than four.

Given his game-closing ability and veteran experience, Joe Johnson fits in a young team like the Denver Nuggets or the Milwaukee Bucks. Johnson’s career average is 16 points, 4 rebounds, and 3.9 assists.

J.R. Smith

The infamous J.R. Smith is one of the hottest NBA free agents in the market right now. He’s another grit-and-grind player that most teams can rely on. Also, his three-point shooting marksmanship is needed in almost any team that wants to stay long in the Playoffs.

Reports show that the Los Angeles Lakers are the front-runners in signing Smith. This may be his long-awaited redemption arc following his NBA 2018 Finals blunder with Lebron James and the Cavaliers. Smith’s career average is 12.5 points, 3.2 rebounds, and 2.1 assists shooting at 37% from beyond-the-arc.

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