NBA, NBPA update: Goal of NBA return will be to fight racial inequality

NBA return update: Goal of NBA return will be to fight racial inequality

NBA and NBPA emphasized that the return of the NBA this July will be to fight systemic racial inequality and give more opportunities to the black community.

July 30 will mark the return of the NBA after almost three months of hiatus. In these three months, several events have unfolded which makes the return of the league a tricky situation.

Firstly, the COVID-19 pandemic severely crippled the workforce around the teams. Fortunately, franchise owners have stepped up to the situation to alleviate the problems of their employees.

Secondly, the murder of George Floyd has sparked the emotions of the majority of black players in the league. In fact, major superstars have voiced out their reluctance to play again to avoid taking the attention away from their causes.

On the second issue, the NBA and the NBPA have committed to avoid such thing from happening.

NBA and NBPA will fight racial inequality

Last Tuesday, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver and representatives from the NBA players such as Donovan Mitchell and Trae Young sat down in a meeting to discuss the purpose of the NBA moving forward. The key takeaway is that the league will be a platform to push for the eradication of racial inequality.

NBPA President Chris Paul earlier suggested that injustice and police brutality must come to an end. He added,

“As players, we have taken a leadership role when it comes to using our voices and implementing practical solutions, but there is much work ahead both in Orlando and long-term to continue the momentum and bring about real, long-lasting change to our society”

Plans moving ahead

The meeting turned out to be fruitful. In fact, the small committee was able to come up with broad strokes to concretely fight for their cause. First, they came up with a plan to hire more Black coaches, members of the staff, and even up to the executive level. This way, the exposure of the Black community will be represented even outside of the hardcourt.

Second, the NBA and NBPA have agreed to engage local Black-owned businesses and vendors more. Similar to the first agenda, this plan is to provide better assistance to the community while at the same time help them make a living.

Lastly, a foundation for the Black community will be setup. This initiative will augment the efforts of existing local foundations. Additionally, the foundation that the NBA and NBPA will setup shall focus on expanding ‘educational and economic development’ to the same group of people.

Image from GQ Sports/ YouTube Screenshot

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