NBA next season may still be played inside a bubble

NBA, next season may still be played inside a bubble

The 2020-2021 NBA season may still be played inside a bubble, according to NBPA executive director Michele Roberts.

The U.S. has been the hotspot for COVID-19 for almost two months now. Unfortunately, the situation in the country still hasn’t improved. Major public gatherings are still discouraged, although there isn’t a bite to the suggestion. President Donald Trump himself organized a campaign rally in the middle of the virus outbreak.

As such, there still isn’t a light at the end of the tunnel for the U.S. Major sporting leagues have been put on hold except for the NBA. Instead of completely canceling the season, the league devised a bubble to finish the season. The COVID-19 free area has so far been successful. However, it might be too successful that the next season may be played in it as well.

NBA 2020-2021 season inside a bubble?

NBPA executive director Michele Roberts floated the idea that the following season of the NBA may be held inside another bubble. She said,

“I’m not in the Trump camp in believing it’s all going to go away in two weeks, but I’m praying, praying that there will be a different set of circumstances that will allow us to play in a different way.”

Roberts added that the suggestion would be based on the actual situation of the country. In all reality, transporting 30 teams inside the bubble will be a difficult task. In addition, playing more than 80 games inside a confined space can be too taxing for the entire league. However, Roberts said,

“So it may be that, if the bubble is the way to play, then that is likely gonna be the way we play next season, if things remains as they are.”

2nd bubble for ‘delete-eight’

Michele Roberts has been busy the past days because of planning for the NBA. She represents almost 300 players in the NBA, and she has to think of the welfare of each one of them.

The NBA floated the idea that a second bubble may be designed for the eight teams that didn’t make it to Disney World. The main purpose of making it will be for the player development and edge that the 22 teams will get inside the bubble. However, Roberts maintains that the protocols for the eight teams must be well thought of.

She maintains that the protocols must be similar to the one in Orlando. If not, then there isn’t anything to talk about.

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