NBA player Nikola Jokic in trouble, exposed to COVID-19 positive players


Nikola Jokic was exposed to another Serbian basketball player who tested positive for the COVID-19 disease. Jokic is set to return to the U.S in a few weeks for the NBA restart.

The present plans on the NBA restart haven’t been solidified yet. It is inching towards rolling out the entire plan. Unfortunately, there are still many good and bad things that can happen between now and the NBA restart.

The entire organization is just treading on eggshells. The NBA is just making sure that it does trample on any social cause while making sure that the players are all healthy.

Only one small mistake can lead to the entire season being canceled altogether. The first domino might have just fallen.

Nikola Jokic exposed to a coronavirus positive player

Denver Nuggets’ All-star center Nikola Jokic flew back to Serbia to watch an exhibition game. The ball game was to honor coach Dejan Milojevic in Belgrade. Many pictures showed Jokic talking with the players of KK Partizan. One particular picture showed him being in close proximity to Nikola Jankovic.

In a non-pandemic situation, having a chat is normal. Unfortunately, not during these times. Jokic was seen behind Jankovic last Thursday before the game. Soon after, the team announced that the Serbian player of KK Partizan tested positive for the coronavirus.

There are still no words about Jokic’s present status. Fans would have to wait for one to two weeks if his exposure to Jankovic has a negative effect.

NBA next steps

Jokic’s situation is just one of the many instances that the NBA is trying to avoid during the NBA restart. Fortunately, they have put in placed stringent protocols for all persons, players, and staff alike, that will join the restart.

All players that will move in the Orlando-based complex will do tests before being allowed to join any activity of their teams.

Nikola Jokic update

Recent photos surfaced showing Jokic’s new slim body. The Serbian big man has always been judged for his soft-looking physique. The new photos show Jokic having a body looking similar to that of Kristaps Porzingis. It would seem like he had put in the work during the three months of the lockdown.

Jokic has always been known for starting sluggishly during the early parts of the NBA season. Nevertheless, he has been playing like his former MVP-candidate form right before the season came to a sudden halt. The shortened play-in period will not give Jokic enough time to find his groove. Hence, he must have realized this during the lockdown.

The big man averaged 20.2 points, 10.2 rebounds, and 6.9 assists prior to the shutdown. The Nuggets will need him to produce better numbers to keep their fight for the NBA Finals alive.

Image courtesy of House of Highlights/ YouTube Screenshot

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