NBA Players, doubting team owners’ commitment to causes

NBA Players, doubting team owners' commitment to causes

Some NBA players have doubts in their heads as to whether or not the team owners are really committed to the social causes pushed for.

Less than a week ago, the NBA went on an unplanned hiatus. The cause? A boycott by the teams from playing to attract attention. After such, the players, the league, and the team owners met to discuss what could be done.

The concrete actions that were agreed on were three points. First, they will start a social justice coalition. Second, the teams will work with local city officials to convert their arenas into voting centers. Last, the team owners have committed to promoting messages to urge people to go out and vote.

Despite these seemingly concrete plans, some NBA players still have some doubts in their heads.

NBA Players are iffy about the situation

Jaylen Brown has been particularly vocal about the problems in the league and society. He has been active on and off the court to promote the causes he believes in. However, he strongly thinks that no actions will be taken despite the meetings. Brown said, pointing to inaction,

“I can’t speak for everybody. I can only speak for myself, and I am not sure. I’m not as confident as I would like to be, I’ll say that. I think promises are made year after year. We’ve heard a lot of these terms and words before. We heard them in 2014 — reform. We’re still hearing them now.”

He continues by saying that the messages are just being repackaged. Brown even adds that people from the Black community have been dying and still dying up to this time. As a result, he is not confident about the changes that will happen.

LeBron James wants actions to happen

James is tired of the bubble environment. He has considered leaving the bubble several times, but he has a mission to finish. Therefore, he will stay. Nevertheless, he wants the boycott to produce concrete results. He said,

“For me personally, having a plan is one and having action and going through with that.”

James added that the meeting between the players and the owners was fruitful. However, he wants to bring true actions to the table. He said,

“So, all you can do is give me and give us your word, and I’m going to hold that with the utmost respect. But if that word you’re giving me is not fulfilled, we’ll tackle that moment.”

If that isn’t the case, maybe what Anthony Davis will hold true. Davis said that they have the upper hand in the situation. If the plans are not followed through, they can just decide not to play again. It can be a vicious cycle, but it can be an effective one.


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