NBA players, three players that could switch teams

NBA players, three players that could switch teams

There are several NBA players in the trade block that will likely change teams during the offseason because of different reasons.

Only four teams are left still playing high-caliber games this season. On one side, the Lakers seem to have a good grip on their tussle with the Nuggets. On the other, there is a dogfight. Based on what this postseason has shown, there is still so much drama left to reveal. Fans just have to wait for these to unfold.

While these four teams are busy vying for the championship, the other 28 teams are busy planning for the future. Below are three NBA players that will likely be traded during the offseason.

Oklahoma City Thunder and Chris Paul will be busy

The Oklahoma City Thunder front office will be most busy during the offseason. Chris Paul is currently the hottest trade asset in the market. He has shown that he is still the ‘Point-God’. As such, there are several Playoffs teams that will need his services. These are the Clippers, Bucks, and the Sixers.

All three teams already have their core players in place. They just need a strong glue-guy that will take their offense to the next level. Unfortunately, landing Chris Paul will come with a hefty price. He still has more than US$80 million left in his contract for the next two years. As a result, teams will need to give up a lot just to land him.

Nevertheless, the opportunity cost in getting Chris Paul seems worth it. After all, these three teams are already hungry to win.

Jrue Holiday among young NBA players

Holiday has been the centerpiece of the Pelicans’ offense for the past couple of years. However, also in that timespan, the Pelicans were able to haul in a young and powerful core. As such, Holiday’s services are no longer needed in terms of the goods that he brings on the floor.

The New Orleans Pelicans’ new face is Zion Williamson and Brandon Ingram. Around them, they’ll have Lonzo Ball, Josh Hart, Jaxson Hayes, and a couple of young and hungry players.

After Chris Paul, Holiday is the biggest point guard trade asset in the league. He can comfortably guard opposing ball handlers. Holiday also brings in leadership that many teams need nowadays.

Paul Millsap and his swan song

Millsap said earlier that he left the East to stay away from the claws of Lebron James. Unfortunately, he’s right smack in the face of James yet again. Millsap is the type of player that brings stability to a team. He adjusts his style of play to whatever the team he’s in need of.

Unfortunately, father time is on his back. Millsap’s contract is set to expire after this season, and he might look for a good contract elsewhere. There’s no denying that Millsap’s contribution to the Nuggets has been huge. However, he’ll have to balance his personal financial interest versus the chance of winning the championship.

After all, he was able to help the team to a Western Conference Finals berth. It just remains to be seen if they have enough left to topple the Lakers.

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