NBA Playoffs could be canceled, teams refuse to play

NBA Playoffs could be cancelled, teams refuse to play

The NBA Playoffs are on the brink of what could be a canceled season after the teams and players refused to hit the court.

Even before the NBA released the plan on resuming the season, some players were wary of the idea. At the forefront of this call was Kyrie Irving. After all the harsh words said to him, he’s right apparently. Now, the whole world is listening. The three games slated for today have been postponed. No, it could be the start of a canceled season.

No one knows what’s going to happen tomorrow. The talks have started, and the players inside the perfectly safe bubble are getting agitated.

NBA Playoffs canceled?

The Milwaukee Bucks tipped the first domino to fall. They refused to step out of their locker rooms for a peaceful protest against the shooting of Jacob Blake. The Black man was, without mercy, shot seven times on his back by a white police officer.

The championship dreams can wait, but the lives lost cannot.

As such, the Bucks decided to forego playing what could be their final piece to move on to the NBA Playoffs semis. After they boycotted the games, the Thunder, Rockets, Lakers, and Trailblazers all followed suit. As to what will happen to the games tomorrow, many expect them to be postponed as well.

The NBA bubble was the perfect system to protect the players from COVID-19. Unfortunately, it isn’t enough to stop police brutality on racially profiled black men in the United States. Several players have raised their concerns on the continued play in the NBA bubble. Some want to go home and go back to the front lines.

Burst the NBA bubble

With the players getting uneasy with their lives inside the bubble, many want to go home. The emotions are high and heavy. Before the start of the bubble, many players joined peaceful protests in their home states. Now, Chris Mannix reports that many of them are asking for their team owners to do something.

Otherwise, they’ll take things in their own hands. The season is as good as over if the players leave the bubble campus. They don’t want to be sitting ducks and remain just as entertainment providers.

Should they leave the bubble, there is no saying as to what will happen for the rest of the season. Even the scheduled Draft Night and 2020-2021 season could also be canceled. J.R. Smith perfectly sums up the feeling of Black people in America. He said,

“Oh you don’t hear us….well now you can’t see us!!!!”


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