NBA Playoffs: What do the Dallas Mavericks need to do?

The Dallas Mavericks are on an uphill battle against the Los Angeles Clippers and its menacingly deep roster.

The Los Angeles Clippers, behind Paul George and Kawhi Leonard, are looking formidable early in the Playoffs. While they have only played one game so far, their depth proves to be their key strength moving forward.

As such, the Dallas Mavericks are in a tough position. Yes, they are lucky that the Clippers are still finding their Playoffs mojo. However, they are also unlucky because Playoffs tested players are also leading that team.

The Mavericks will have to do some soul searching to turn things around quickly.

Kristaps Porzingis is the centerpiece of the Mavericks’ offense

Like Luka Doncic, this is also Porzingis’ debut in the Playoffs. Unfortunately, his stint didn’t last long because of two early technical fouls. However, in just 19 minutes of play, Kristaps was able to break down the small line up of the Clippers.

Ivica Zubac was no match for the versatility and nimbleness of Porzingis, which forced Doc Rivers to adjust his defense approach. However, the Clippers still found no answer to the deadly cutting attacks of Porzingis in the paint. When they clogged up the driving lane, Kristaps finds an open spot to fire a three-ball.

In short, Porzingis was unstoppable during the first game between the Clippers and Mavericks. All he has to do in the next game is to play the same way. He has to take advantage of his size to obliterate opposing defenses. However, his teammates will have to be ready too.

Luka will continue to facilitate

The Dallas Mavericks are in a unique position right now. They hold the league’s best offensive efficiency because of Luka Doncic. In other words, their offense should be clicking from all sides. However, there must be consistency. Unlike last year, the Dallas Mavericks do not live and die by the three-point shots anymore.

They have a good mix of players that are ultra-capable of firing from any spot on the floor. Luka will continue to be the focal point of the Dallas, but his shooters must be locked in at all times.

The Clippers are a scary team. Any run that they build has the potential to make a game out of reach. Therefore, the quality looks provided by Luka’s passing must be made at a higher percentage, similar to what they did in the first game.

If not, they may face a big 0-2 hole and not be able to climb back out.

Image from EFECREATA.COM/Shutterstock

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