NBA Restart: Kawhi Leonard and Anthony Davis returning in healthy form

Kawhi Leonard and Anthony Davis returning in healthy form

Kawhi Leonard will not have any playing time restrictions in the first eight seeding games inside the Orlando bubble NBA restart.

The past four months have been beneficial for many players in the NBA. The majority took the time off to spend precious time with their families. Some used the extended suspension to maintain their playing form by hitting the gym. Injured players, on the other hand, took advantage of the extended rest to rehabilitate their injuries.

The NBA restart will be a marathon for all 22 teams playing inside the bubble. They will play continuous games with minimal intervals between days. As such, all 22 NBA teams will need to have their players with clean bills of health.

Kawhi Leonard will have no time restrictions

Leonard, for the most of the season, has been limited by his playing time. The two-time Finals MVP has been dealing with nagging injuries since his stint with the Spurs. However, his load management has proven to be useful for his efficiency. He is currently the Clippers’ highest-scoring player at a career-high 26.9 points and 7.3 rebounds per game.

The good news is that Leonard will reportedly not have any playing time restrictions in the NBA restart. Clippers’ head coach Doc Rivers said,

“No limits. Kawhi is healthy for the most part. That still doesn’t mean that we don’t want to maintain him and get him through the first eight games and get ready for the playoffs. We want to be smart about this.”

This is a scary thought for all of their opponents in the West. Should Kawhi find his playing groove early, the Clippers’ one-two punch of Leonard and George will be lethal.

Anthony Davis feels healthy

Anthony Davis believes that the entire Lakers roster is back in playing shape for the NBA restart. Davis claimed earlier this month that the months off from the NBA has been beneficial for him. He said,

“It’s given me a chance to let my body recover. Kind of take a midseason break and let everything heal, get back to like how I was at the beginning of the year. It’s been good for me to let some of the lingering injuries I had towards the time when the NBA stopped to let those recover and heal and get back into the best version of myself. I feel 100 percent healthy. Well, I don’t feel, I am. I’m ready to go.”

Having a healthy Anthony Davis is good news for the Lakers as this will take a huge load off of Lebron James. However, there are still concerns about the durability of Davis’ body. He has been injury-prone for most of his career. Having him play continuously throughout the NBA restart will be a point of discussion within the team.

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