NBA restart: Trevor Ariza, Davis Bertans have decided not to play the season out


Trevor Ariza and Davis Bertans have earlier said that they will not play during the NBA restart that is set to begin on July 30.

The NBA is set to restart on July 30, yet it still hangs in the balance, whether it will push through or not. The rising cases in South Florida are still the main concern. Nonetheless, the majority of NBA players and NBA execs are also concerned about the flaring protests throughout the country.

Today marks the transaction period wherein teams can fill up empty roster spots. As such,  it should be properly used because some players have already decided to sit the season out.

Trevor Ariza will not suit up in NBA restart

Ariza has been a crucial trade pick up for the Blazers before the season was abruptly stopped. He was supposed to be the glue guy for the team as they try to crack the top eight Playoffs spots in the NBA restart.

Unfortunately, he was caught between a no-brainer situation. Ariza is involved in a custody case over his son, and the court granted him one month of custody of his child. The period falls within the NBA restart, but he could not bring any visitor to the complex based on the NBA restart rules.

As such, he made the decision to sit the season out. Sources aren’t sure whether the NBA will impose the salary deduction for Ariza, but he stands to lose at least AU$ 2.16 million for the games he will not play.

Davis Bertans dillemma

The sharpshooting small forward Davis Bertans has also decided to sit the season out. Bertan’s decision was purely career-driven, unlike Ariza’s. He was in the middle of career-season early in the year until he suffered a quad injury in December.

The Wizards are realistically out of the Playoffs picture even if they play in the NBA restart. Bertans could just be protecting his health, considering his injury history. Reports say that the management of the Washington Wizards fully supported Bertans’ decision.

Undecided players

Several players still have to make a decision whether or not they’ll play in the restart. Topping that list is the vocal point guard from the Brooklyn Nets, Kyrie Irving. All signs are pointing to the direction that he will not play. However, he still has time to change his decision.

Dwight Howard is also one of the players that have to make a final decision. Last week, he was quoted saying that a championship is important, but fighting against social injustice is much more relevant.

Image courtesy of Gints Ivuskans/Shutterstock

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