NBA restart update: Adam Silver’s conclusion is ‘we can’t outrun the virus’


NBA restart set to take place on July 30 is the league’s best bet to move forward despite the virus says Adam Silver.

The State of Florida isn’t getting better. The past few days have been horrific for the entire state to say the least. Just recently, the local government has banned serving alcohol to its patrons. It was brought about by the daily new record highs of COVID-19 positive cases.

The situation in Florida is the league’s biggest elephant in the room. They now have to juggle between maintaining normalcy within the bubble and ensure no one within it gets infected.

NBA restart will push through

NBA commissioner Adam Silver said earlier that the NBA will move forward with its plan in Florida. He admits that the plan ‘isn’t perfect‘. However, he also believes that the players will be safer within the bubble than outside of it.

Given the situation, Silver hopes that the plan for the bubble is successful. He said,

“No options are risk free right now…Yet we can’t sit on the sidelines indefinitely, and we must adapt.”

When asked about the rising cases in Florida, Silver gave a stern reply. He maintains that the cases are rising all the U.S., not just in Florida. As a result, he emphasized that there is an increased concern throughout the league. Although he added,

“Disney campus was designed to limit exposure to players/teams.”

Measures to limit exposure

Last week, the NBA sent teams and players a 113-page book guideline on the NBA restart. It outlines the necessary steps to ensure the safety of the bubble. One key aspect of it is that no fans will be allowed inside.

However, the NBA has already considered their experience. The league will try its best to give the fans the best viewing experience possible. Accordingly, it will increase camera angles, personalize alternative screens, and give enhanced in-game audio of players and coaches on the floor.

What will it take to stop the NBA restart?

Silver also knows that there must be a killswitch ready just in case the COVID-19 positive cases further worsen. However, the league hasn’t decided what factor will trigger it.

The past few days have been a dark cloud looming over the NBA restart. 16 NBA players including some that will join the bubble have tested positive for the virus. However, they intend to recover as soon as they can to join their respective teams.

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