NBA: second bubble underway for ‘defeat eight’

NBA bubble, second one underway for 'defeat eight'

A second NBA bubble is underway for the eight teams that didn’t make it into a possible playoff contention inside Disney World.

All 22 teams inside the NBA bubble are hard at work to get their systems up. Scrimmage games have been competitive so far except for some rust that needs a little shaking off. Be that as it may, the NBA is less than a week away from the official tip-off of the eight seeding games.

While the league is busy keeping their bubble impenetrable, the eight teams that didn’t cut are crying foul on the strict protocols against them. Kurt Helin of NBC Sports calls them the ‘delete eight.’

Second NBA bubble underway

Teams that were virtually out of Playoffs contentions are not allowed to practice as a team. Players are only limited to individual training with two coaches at a time. As such, coaches and team owners are worried about the stumped development of their players, particularly the rookies.

Fortunately, sources close to the Charlotte Observer said that a second NBA bubble is being setup. The details around the cluster haven’t polished. As it stands, the rules start with players training in their practice facilities in the second week of August. After this, there could be two weeks of scrimmage games among the teams outside the bubble.

The players’ union would first have to approve the scrimmage practices with each other. If the votes don’t come in favor of it, there could be no second bubble.

Policies as stringent as the one in Orlando

The NBA takes the health of the players inside the Orlando seriously. In line with this, they aren’t taking any risks in terms of a possible breach. A simple infraction of going over the border of the bubble merits sanctions five-days of additional quarantine.

Executive Director of the NBPA Michele Roberts is strongly lobbying for the ‘delete-eight.’ She believes that the protocols inside the second bubble must be as stringent as the one in Orlando. She said,

“I know there are some players, particularly young players, that seem concerned they’re not getting enough. But I am concerned … in terms of play that doesn’t have the same guarantee of safety and health (regarding the novel coronavirus pandemic) that we’ve provided in Orlando.”

She said that if the same protocols aren’t met, then there would be nothing to talk about anymore. All she’s concerned about right now is the safety of the players outside the bubble. The situation beyond the walls of Disney World is getting worse, and moving players around for the sake of scrimmage may not be worth it.

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