NBA teams set to regain chemistry in team practices this week

NBA teams set to regain chemistry in team practices this week

NBA teams are entering the Disney World bubble this week and can already start team training as soon as Friday of this week.

The first few NBA teams have already landed in Florida and have made their way inside the ESPN Wide World of Sports complex. The transition for the players will not be an easy one. Nonetheless, necessary precautions have been placed to ensure the viability of the season.

Teams weren’t allowed to practice as a group in the past weeks. Not even one-on-one practices were allowed. As such, players have had to devise ways to keep in shape. Some did personalized training while some spent their days in the gym. Fortunately, team training will already be allowed this week.

Every day an adventure for NBA teams

Coaches and players alike are excited about the NBA season. However, they know that every day will be a challenge for them. The thought of a complete NBA season cancellation looms day in and day out. To add to that, both players and coaches have to get their heads in the game for the restart.

Be that as it may, coaches are taking practice sessions day by day. They believe that the sessions and protocols must be fluid to the situation. Each team shall be given a window to train on the court and in the weights room. After each training, staff will move in to disinfect the entire area for the next training team. Mike D’Antoni said,

“Every day will be an adventure, a little bit of, ‘OK, here’s where we are today, this practice will reflect this, tomorrow’s practice might be totally different,'”

The Houston head coach isn’t the only one that believes this. Several other coaches that still have to enter the bubble think along the same path. Milwaukee head coach Mike Budenholzer said,

“Just like with probably everything the league is doing, I think it’d be wise to have a degree of flexibility sprinkled in with everything that you’re planning, a degree of being able to either back off or turn it up a little bit, either way.”

Life inside the bubble

Early indications of life inside the bubble aren’t looking too good. Troy Daniels of the Denver Nuggets showed what looked like airplane food as their dinner for the first night. As a result, the NBA drew criticisms about how the players will be treated inside the bubble.

Fortunately, the food that Daniels posted was just for the first few nights. According to Marc Stein, the NBA will transition to full serviced meals as more teams move in after the quarantine period.

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