NBA trade rumor, Buddy Hield sending signals to the Sixers

NBA trade rumor, Buddy Hield sending signals to the Sixers

Buddy Hield wants to be traded from the Sacramento Kings to any other team where his services as a 3-point ace will be used.

‘The Process’ is long gone, but the team is having a hard time shaking that monicker off.

The Philadelphia 76ers have paved the way for an impending reset season. They have to make moves. Otherwise, they stand to lose their biggest assets in Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons. The trade assets are aplenty. However, the contracts attached to them could be troublesome to let go of.

Fortunately, Elton Brand is adamant in saying that the team will restructure and move forward.

Buddy Hield fuels and NBA trade rumor

Buddy Hield was foreseen to be a potential superstar when the Pelicans picked him sixth overall in the 2016 NBA draft. Unfortunately, he wasn’t used as much as he wasn’t able to showcase his three-point threat just yet. As a result, Hield was traded to Kings and instantly became an offensive threat.

Fast forward to two years after, the Kings found themselves in a logjam in capable shooting guards. Head coach Luke Walton had to choose between Bogdan Bogdanovic and Buddy Hield as a starter. Ultimately, Hield had to yield and accept an off-the-bench role. He didn’t appreciate it then, and neither he will appreciate it moving forward.

As such, Hield himself is slyly fueling a trade rumor about him. He liked an Instagram post from @Embiidfeed saying that the Sixers are reportedly interested in trading for Hield. He then commented on saying ‘big facts’.

How can this trade happen?

As mentioned earlier, the Sixers have several serviceable role players in the roster. The list includes Al Horford, Tobias Harris, and Josh Richardson. However, the contracts of Harris and Horford are extremely difficult to dispose of.

Hield will be in the second year of a four-year deal with the Sacramento Kings. Horford, on the other hand, is also on the same boat. Both their contracts have almost the same amounts, but Horford’s contract is a bit more expensive. Tobias Harris, meanwhile, stands to earn more than US$8 million more than either player.

In other words, the Philadephia 76ers will have to negotiate hard just to be able to pry away Hield from a young team. The Kings may not want to absorb the ultra-expensive contracts of Harris and Horford. They are in a rebuilding mode, and taking the bad contract of Horford just gives them less space to sign big free agents along the way.

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