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‘NCIS’ Season 18: Will Vance finally fall in love again?


Playing the role of Leon Vance since 2008, Rocky Carroll has been an important part of NCIS. Now that NCIS Season 18 is about to come out, fans are clamoring to see more of the NCIS director.

According to CarterMatt, Leon seems not to have enough presence on the show. So, will this change is NCIS Season 18? Will fans finally see him fall in love again after the death of his wife?

What fans may see about Vance in NCIS

In the upcoming new season, fans may see more conflict between the organizations and NCIS. There may be an issue with the Department of Defense here, and Vance may clash with the said unit about resources or a specific case.

Also, the 18th installment may feature more of his family. Viewers may finally see a few personal moments of Carroll’s character. They may see a glimpse of his own life away from the spotlight of being the head of NCIS.

He may also deal more with the public in NCIS Season 18. Here, he may take charge of the media, the people, or just any ordinary citizens.

A possible new romance for Vance

Express noted that the show’s fans recalled the time of Stephanie Mello in the series, playing the role of Cynthia Sumner in Seasons 3 and 4. She had a good dynamic with Gibbs (Mark Harmon) at the time.

However, as she left the show, she didn’t have the chance to interact with Vance. It couldn’t be denied that Mello displayed a positive impression throughout the two seasons that she was on the show.

Some fans were even surprised that she left the series after appearing in just two seasons. Alternatively, Carroll remained a major part of NCIS since he joined the cast members in Season 5.

His character became so popular and significant he even crossed over different NCIS spinoff series, like NCIS: Los Angeles and NCIS: New Orleans. Sadly, he didn’t meet Cynthia, as Mello’s last appearance in the series was in Season 4.

Some fans believed that Vance and Cynthia could have been a good pair. “Cynthia was amazing. I’d have loved to see her relationship with Vance,” one viewer said.

Will there be a chance for Mello to return to the series and reprise her role in NCIS Season 18 and meet Vance? Since her time on the long-running show, she managed to appear in more than 100 TV commercials. So, if she returns, it may once again put her back to the limelight.

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