NCT 127 achieves new milestone as ‘Sticker’ ranked No. 3 on Billboard 200

NCT 127 is the second SM group to chart in the top three on the Billboard 200, with Taeyong being the first SM idol to have four albums in the top five.

The flute-based title single, Sticker, may split fans, but records indicate that the Sticker album is NCT 127’s finest to date. It had already shattered records by receiving one million pre-orders in a single day, even before it was released. It received a total of two million pre-orders before its debut.

‘Sticker’ is raking attention worldwide

The album debuted at the top of many charts, including Billboard, and sold two million copies in its first week. The music video was a hit, with 27 million YouTube views in the first 24 hours, making it the second most-watched SM video.

Sticker reached #1 on Gaon, #2 on the Worldwide iTunes Album Chart and #1 in 18 countries on the iTunes Album Chart.

On September 27, it was announced that the boy group’s third Korean album, Sticker, had debuted in the top three of the Billboard 200 chart with 62k sales.

The Billboard 200 List is an international album chart that features famous Western musicians. NCTzens are ecstatic that Sticker has reached #3, giving NCT 127’s highest chart position yet.

NCT 127 is the second SM group to make the Billboard 200’s Top 3 list

After SuperM, NCT 127 is the second SM group to debut in the top three. It’s also worth noting that Taeyong and Mark are both in SuperM and NCT 127.

They are the first SM idols to debut in the top three of the Billboard 200 twice. And, along with Mark, Taeyong is the only SM artist to have three writing credits in the top three, co-writing SuperM’s No Manners, Together At Home, and NCT 127’s Sticker. On the other hand, Mark collaborated on the songs Together At Home, SuperM’s 100, and Sticker.

With SuperM, Super One, Sticker, and NCT 127’s Neo Zone, Taeyong is the only SM idol who has song credits on four albums charted in the top five on the Billboard 200.

When supporters informed NCT’s leader of the accomplishment, a delighted Taeyong replied, Billboard? Everyone should be proud of themselves. My heart has already boarded an aircraft and flown across the globe.


Image courtesy of NCT 127/YouTube

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