‘Near-perfect’ footage tries to leak ‘Black Widow’ release!

New footage that looks like an original, leaked clip from Disney Plus is trying to reveal the release date of Marvel’s Black Widow.

Michael Roman of Everything Always YouTube channel just uploaded a clip. And the “near-perfect” footage feels like a leaked clip from an upcoming Disney Plus announcement teaser.

There’s an actual investors’ meeting in December where the company will definitely reveal something big. And the said “leaked” footage is clearly showing the Black Widow movie’s release on Disney Plus’s Premiere Access section. It shows that the film will arrive on April 16, 2021.

And amidst the already strong speculations of a VOD release, this “almost-real-looking” video clip tries to confirm the rumors.

Black Widow movie to eventually release on Disney Plus

Meanwhile, fans must take this leak with a total grain of salt because there’s no confirmation from any other sources that cover regular MCU content.

Still, the way this is made is quite impressive as it will make any regular movie lover feel like it’s an officially leaked portion. Although there have been previously released official clips, it can’t be said in the current case.

Well, keeping this authentic-looking footage aside, it’s still believed that Black Widow will finally arrive on the streaming service next year. And it’s quite obvious to calculate because the recently same thing happened with Wonder Woman 1984 also. Warner Bros just announced that the Gal Gadot film would arrive in both theaters and on HBO Max during Christmas.

Keeping this new development at DC seems like Marvel Studios, and Disney’s team will decide a similar solution for Scarlett Johansson‘s solo flick. And that’s the only final remedy to this situation since theaters won’t open anytime sooner, in a traditional manner.

Upcoming MCU properties in 2021 amid a pandemic

The upcoming investors’ meeting event will see some revelations from Marvel Studios’ side. And that feels certain since Marvel films and related content provide everyone’s biggest attention regarding revenue and projections.

Thus, it may happen that the makers will decide to drop Black Widow on the premiere access section of their streaming platform. With that, there may be an option to watch the film in theaters, depending on selected locations. And more properties will also be revealed further in the coming months. It’s already known that Falcon and the Winter Soldier will make its debut soon in 2021.

Phase four of the MCU will see many surprises coming next year like Eternals, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, and TV shows like Ms. Marvel.


Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment/YouTube Screenshot

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