Negative ‘Toosie Slide’ reception worries Drake fans

Negative 'Toosie Slide' reception worries Drake fans

The divided reaction to “Toosie Slide” had fans concerned that Drake’s new album will be just as bad.

Earlier this month, Drake released his song “Toosie Slide” to polarized reviews. As a result, fans now fear that the Canadian music star will deliver an album that is just as disappointing.

Drake has always been known for successfully balancing his commercial ambitions with artistic expression. However, fans consider “Toosie Slide” as a brazen attempt to achieve virality and sell records.

“Toosie Slide” gets polarized reactions

For fans, the marketing of the song further highlighted how much of a commercial play the single is. Drake hired a number of dancers and social media influencers to create a TikTok choreography for the song. The resulting dance challenge became popular on the social media app within days of the song’s release.

The rapper is hardly the only artist that received criticism for attempting to reverse-engineer viral hits. In early January, fans slammed Justin Bieber for doing the same thing with “Yummy.”

“Toosie Slide” also did not impress music critics. One review even called the hit “strictly a business decision.”

Whatever fans feel about Toosie Slide,” the song clearly captured an audience. In a matter of days, it racked up more than three billion plays across various online platforms. The song became the Canadian rapper’s seventh no. 1 hit and third no. 1 debut in the United States.

Drake promises new album

Drake promised earlier this year that he is working on a new album. He said that he is “hyped” about the songs that he is recording for the music project.

In an interview, he admitted that he has been working on the album for a while now. He thinks he will be able to work on the tracks better while on self-isolation. He no longer has distractions and events to attend, which meant he had more time to work on music.

The Canadian rapper chose to be silent about a release timetable and a working title for the album. He did promise that everything on the new record will be “fresh and brand new.”

Massive success of Scorpion

There is huge pressure on Drake to deliver a successful album this year. The Canadian rapper notably released the commercial juggernaut of an album that is Scorpion two years ago.

The record produced three no. 1 singles for Drake: “In My Feelings,” “God’s Plan,” and “Nice for What.” On its first day of release, the album also broke the one-day stream records for both Spotify and Apple Music.

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