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Neighborhoods, Nextdoor’s clone is launching soon in four US cities


Nextdoor-clone Neighborhoods is now available in Canada and is now looking forward to showing up their services soon in four more US cities.

Formed by Facebook, Neighborhoods is looking towards expanding its services in prominent US cities. In a report, it has been addressed that four US locations are being targeted.

These cities are Charlotte, North Carolina; San Diego, California; Baton Rouge, Louisiana; and Newark, New Jersey.

Undoubtedly, Neighborhoods is a clone of Nextdoor. Unlike Nextdoor’s functionality, Neighborhoods will also confine geographical users into a single space.

The reason for confining the geographical users is to discuss the local ongoing events and functions. Facebook has always attempted to bring neighbors closer to each other.
This new social networking platform is the by-product of that thought.

What is ‘Neighborhoods’?

With this, one can interact with their neighbor, ask for a better coffee shop, and plan an event. Isn’t it that cool? It is.

It also provides a facility for like-minded users to create a group and share their thinking for an event or issue.

With the commencement of its services in US cities, one access to many vibrant local Facebook groups.

Without a doubt, one can also create their  Neighborhoods-bounded groups on the grounds of any particular interest.

“You can create Neighborhoods groups for local bird watchers, or discuss last night’s game with fellow basketball lovers in your area,” says Facebook in a blog post.

There will be moments where one can fight over everyday issues, political arguments, and many more on the list. The same happened with Nextdoor.

What else can be expected?

Note that Facebook has shown a terrible track record when allowing users of any group to hang out. Facebook groups, which has been a hotspot of a lot of things.

From providing comments on current government policies to providing anti-vaccine misinformation theories to various conspiracy theories, it has a shown everything.

Indeed, there isn’t any clearance about how Facebook will deal with such situations in Neighborhoods.

Users above than age of 18 can join these groups. One has to create a separate profile for this platform. The Facebook profile won’t have access to it.

Furthermore, one can create groups, add interest, favorite place, and bio. Apart from this, people will also take some specific roles like “socialized,” “helper,” or ” welcomer.”

Moreover, there isn’t any clarity that what these roles will entail or how members of the groups will claim it.

Image courtesy of Nextdoor/YouTube Screenshot

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