Neil Druckmann details removed scenes from ‘The Last of Us 2’

The Last of Us 2 launched to critical acclaim, and it’s currently one of the best-reviewed titles by critics this 2020. Despite the praise and accolades, the game is not without its criticisms as fans hated the overall direction of the story.

It’s no longer a secret that even the most die-hard fan isn’t impressed with how things went down in The Last of Us 2The game has been through a lot, to say the least, and these challenges and changes were present even during the development phase as per game director Neil Druckmann.

Game changed dramatically during development

According to Druckmann, the game has changed a lot during the development phase. The most obvious thing that changed was how the game looked during and after development. However, Druckmann notes that aside from these, the final product changed as there were some scenes that were excluded from launch.

The game has changed so much so that an entire character was cut, and this was none other than Joel’s girlfriend names Esther. This would’ve been a great addition, and it could’ve given more depth to Joel. Druckmann didn’t explain why she had to be cut.

How the story was supposed to happen

Although she was cut from the final product, Naughty Dog already had some plans with how Esther’s story would play out in the game. She would’ve been introduced in a cut epilogue from the first game, and she was with Joel during the years between the first game and The Last of Us 2.

Esther would not have lived in Jackson, but she will be a few hours away from there. Joel and Ellie would check up on her from time-to-time, and these would’ve been shown during the game’s flashback sequences.

During the flashback scene where Tommy teaches Ellie how to use a rifle, she and Joel would head to Esther’s. Upon getting to her home, they would find it overrun by the infected and Esther would have been bitten. As Joel sees the bite, he asks Ellie to get some water by the river. Ellie would then hear a gunshot while she was outside, implying that Joel had killed Esther or that Esther would’ve killed herself.

The Last of Us 2 had an amazing yet albeit controversy. Esther’s addition wouldn’t have changed the criticisms of the game but it would’ve been good to see another lighthearted character added to the game.


Image used courtesy of PlayStation/YouTube

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