Neil Druckmann discusses hate behind ‘The Last of Us 2’

A lot of buzzes continue to surround The Last of Us 2, which is currently one of the best titles of 2020 so far, at least according to critics. Of course, the game is also receiving a lot of negativity, and most of it is coming from fans.

Fans didn’t like how The Last of Us 2 played out. Most particularly, they didn’t like how Joel was killed off in the early parts of the game and how players were forced to play half of the game as his killer. Naughty Dog’s Neil Druckmann acknowledges the hate and has addressed it recently.

Director speaks out

As the creative director for the game, most of the game’s story elements are attributed to Neil Druckmann. He was also the creative director behind the first game, so fans had a lot to expect from him in the second game.

Druckmann recently spoke on former Nintendo of America, Reggie Fils-Aime’s podcast. He addresses some of the flak they’ve been receiving from the community.

“I think you have to create some separation to say, we made this game, we believe in this game, we’re proud of this game, now it’s out there and it’s like whatever reaction people have–whether they like it or not–that’s fair,” Druckmann said.

“That’s their reaction and you don’t fight that. The other thing with the more hateful stuff, the more vile stuff, that’s a little harder. It’s especially harder when I see it happening to team members or cast members who play a particular character in the game,” he added.

He also addresses the recent harassment that one of Abby actress Laura Bailey has been getting online. The Last of Us 2 actress is getting death threats for fans of the game as well.

Druckmann taking action

Druckmann notes that he has been speaking with authorities with regard to what has been happening to Bailey lately. Moreover, he is talking things through with Chernobyl writer Craig Mazin regarding the recent events. Mazin is working with Druckmann in producing The Last of Us TV show.

Learning from experience from The Last of Us 2Druckmann might tread story elements more carefully when it comes to future games and even the upcoming TV show. For the community, it’s time to stop harassing the people that worked on the game. Their sentiments are best aired without death threats or any form of harassment.

Image used courtesy of PlayStation/YouTube

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