Nest Audio: Preorder Google’s best smart speaker

Nest Audio: Preorder Google's best smart speaker

If you are looking to upgrade your speaker setup or get a smart speaker for the first time, Nest Audio is definitely worth a peek.

Google has officially announced the new Nest Audio smart speaker. The device is the latest in its line of smart speakers powered by Google Assistant.

The Nest Audio supersedes the original Google Home from 2016 as Google’s midrange smart speaker. It slots above the Nest Mini and below the Nest Max in the lineup.

The new smart speaker costs $99.99 in its release and will be available starting Oct. 5 in limited countries. You can preorder it right now – depending on which country you are in now.

Here’s how to preorder

Google’s main competitor for its Nest audio is Amazon, which just revamped its popular Echo. The smart speaker goes head-to-head with the standard Echo, which also sells for the same price.

The UK only has chalk or charcoal color options. While the US also has green, pink, and blue models, which Google has decided to name them sage, sand, and sky officially.

Here are the stores you can check out if you want to preorder Google’s newest smart speaker:

As of now, the Google Store is taking Nest Audio preorders for $100. But will knock off $20 for every two you buy, making them $90 per piece. The device will be available at brick and mortar retailers and 21 countries starting Oct. 15.

Nest Audio is Google’s best smart speaker

As reported by CNET, Google has overhauled its smart speaker in nearly every way. Aside from the design, the quality of sounds, specs, and features of this year’s audio device has improved.

The main differences between the Nest Audio and Echo are their designs. Amazon’s smart speaker is now a sphere. In contrast, Google makes its product soft rounded corners and vaguely rectangular shape. With regards to classy design, we can claim Google wins this category.

In addition, Google promotes that the fabric-like mesh material enclosing the Nest Audio is made of 70% recycled plastic. The tech giant also claims that the speaker is 75% louder and has a 50% stronger bass response than the Google Home.

The Nest Audio also got 19-millimeter tweeters and 75-millimeter mid-woofers. It can also do everything other Google Assistant speakers do: play music, control smart home devices, tell you the weather, and many more. You can also pair multiple units in stereo or other configurations for multiroom audio setups.

Images used courtesy of JB Hi-Fi Official/YouTube Screenshot.

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