NetEase’s ‘Identity V’ gets a crossover with ‘Danganronpa,’ registration ongoing

Identity V x Danganronpa Collaboration Official Logo

NetEase’s asymmetric, multiplayer mobile game, Identity V, is making a crossover with Spike Chunsoft’s mystery visual novel, Danganronpa, pitting together two games whose common theme involves ‘murder.’

The event is slated to kick-off starting today, May 28, and will last until June 25, 2020.

The Danganronpa Crew

During the event, players will get to play as Danganronpa’s main villain, Monokuma, as well as Junko, Makoto, or Kyoko.

Playing as Monokuma, players get to act as the villain, chasing and killing other players around in the field but with an exclusive theme specifically designed for the collaborative event. Particularly, the Rocket Chairs that carry trapped passengers into the unknown.

Complementing Monokuma’s appearance in the game is also an accessory, Mono Mono Machine. When equipped, it gives the Bonbon bomb unique special effects that either dazzle or hampers the victim.

Meanwhile, other players can get to play as either Junko Enoshima, Makoto Naegi, or Kyoko Kirgiri. These seemingly hapless victims are tasked to play cooperatively in order to outwit and escape the violent enemy. Lest the players suffer a doomed fate.

Designed asymmetrically, knowing each character’s strengths and weaknesses and synergistic play style is key to winning. While playable with strangers, the game is unmistakably best played with family and friends.

A Familiar Gameplay

To the uninitiated, Identity V mimics the gameplay seen in 2017’s Friday the 13th. A violent game of cat-and-mouse involving the famed killer, Jason Voorhees.

Each play session is set in a sandbox map with interactive environments, aimed at adding dynamics to the fickle gameplay.

However, while being the ultimate predator in the killing field, other players can team up and outsmart the malevolent enemy. It is just up to the player who takes the killer’s role to prevent all that from ever happening.

Ongoing Events

The chance to register for the collaborative event has been ongoing since May 15, 2020. Players are encouraged to register and be part of the game’s growing community.

In addition to the registration process, the game is also temporarily offering rewards when certain registrant number is reached. If the goal is attained, it will give players 10 Crossover Essences and a special portrait.

Lastly, interested individuals who choose to register and log in the game starting today are also in for more treat. By choosing to participate in the game’s ‘Login and Share’ event, players get to acquire in-game rewards.

Image used courtesy of Identity V/YouTube screenshot

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