Netflix announces new ‘Samurai Rabbit’ animated series

Netflix announces new 'Samurai Rabbit' animated series

Netflix and Gaumont are teaming up to deliver Samurai Rabbit: The Usagi Chronicles, a brand new animated series based on the comic book created by Stan Sakai.

According to the press release posted by Netflix on its official website, the new series will be a CGI animated show in the comedy-action genre and will be geared towards kids.

Apart from releasing the announcement on its website, the streaming giant also shared the news through its official Twitter page.

The plot

As indicated in the press release, Samurai Rabbit: The Usagi Chronicles will be set in the distant future wherein technology will blend seamlessly with traditional Japanese culture.

The main protagonist of the series will be Rabbit Samurai Yuichi, who happens to be the descendant of the legendary swordsman Usagi.

Rabbit Samurai Yuichi will go on an epic quest to become a great samurai, but he will not be going solo in his adventures.

He will be leading a group consisting of intriguing and mysterious individuals, including a sneaky ninja, a tricky bounty hunter, a lithe pickpocket acrobat, and his own loyal lizard pet.

Throughout the series, Yuichi and his gang will go against all sorts of villains and monsters, including bats with deadly wings, bomber moles, and even creatures from another realm.

The production crew

Stan Sakai, the original creator of the Usagi Yojimbo comics, will be serving as an executive producer, along with Gaumont’s Nicolas Atlan, Sidonie Dumas, Terry Kalagian, and Christopher Riandee.

Dark Horse Entertainment, which publishes the Usagi Yojimbo graphic novels, will also pitch in with its own executive producing team, Keith Goldberg, Mike Richardson, and Chris Tongue.

Meanwhile, TV production company Atomic Monster’s Michael Clear, Rob Hackett, and James Wan will also executive produce. Completing the list of executive producers is Candie and Doug Langdale.

Teen Titans’ Ben Jones will be the supervising producer, while Big Hero 6’s Khang Le will be the art director.

88 Pictures, the company behind Trollhunters, is the designated CGI animation studio for the upcoming series.

From graphic novel to streaming

Stan Sakai’s Usagi Yojimbo comics first came out in 1984 and has since forged more than three decades worth of faithful fans and awards.

To date, it has amassed no less than six Eisner Awards, which are the comics industry’s equivalent of the Oscars.

Sakai himself has racked up numerous awards for his work on Usagi Yojimbo, including a number of Haxter Awards, and the coveted Best Cartoonist Harvey Award back in 2016.

With the upcoming Samurai Rabbit series from Netflix, more and more people will get to experience the awesomeness of seeing a bunny with a katana fight against monsters of all sizes.

Featured image courtesy of Usagi Yojimbo Official Website

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