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Netflix auto downloads for iOS coming, but not Spatial Audio


Netflix announced that it is rolling out a feature to iOS and iPadOS that automatically downloads contents for its users.

Netflix was one of the brighter spots during the pandemic. It entertained people going through strict lockdowns around the world. Netflix even pushed curated content that focused on COVID-19.

Other than new contents, the app itself didn’t receive impactful upgrades in 2020 until its recent announcement.

Netflix will rollout ‘Downloads for you’ feature on iOS

Netflix announced via a post that it is introducing a new feature called ‘Downloads for you.’ Its feature is straightforward. It automatically downloads new content based on the users’ preferences. In other words, if the user binges comedy shows, Netflix will automatically download other similar content for him.

Fortunately, ‘Downloads for you’ is a completely opt-in feature, so users don’t have to worry about memory space running out because of these auto-downloads. Before this feature rolled-out, Netflix only offered auto-downloads after watched episodes from the same series. The company said,

“Whether you’re a comedy fan stuck on a long car ride or a rom com lover without internet, we do the work so there is always something new waiting to entertain and delight you.”

The impact of this new feature will really depend on just how good the recommendations are. For some, it will most likely benefit them if they forget to download a new movie or series before a long trip.

“Downloads for you” has fully rolled out for Android users. iOS and iPadOS users will have to wait for a while to get it. Netflix did not give an official completion date.

Spatial audio testing for Netflix not happening

Last year, the rave about Apple’s AirPods system was its Spatial Audio. To put it simply, this feature allows its users a 360-degree full surround sound experience based on the position of the screen.

It’s made possible by gyroscope and chipsets which communicate with the device to know its location. The feature is obviously compatible with contents from Apple TV+ considering that the AirPods are made by Apple. Hulu and Disney+ are already Spatial Audio compatible.

Unfortunately, Netflix confirmed that it is not working on integrating it with its streaming service. It said via 9to5Mac that no tests are being conducted to develop the feature on the app. However, it is working on multi-channel support in an effort to improve its services and the experience of its users.

IOS and iPadOS users just have to wait a little longer before Netflix realizes that Spatial Audio will actually enhance users’ viewing experience.

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