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Netflix claims the new title ‘Lupin’ to have 70 million viewers


Netflix has claimed its new French original show, Lupin, will have a viewership of nearly 70 million subscribers. The title is a crime drama.

According to Variety, Netflix seems to be confident about the success of its new original show Lupin. The French crime drama is the streamer’s latest global hit. And it’s looking for a colossal viewership of 70 million of its members in the first 28 days of launch!

George Kay is the program creator for the new project.

Lupin TV series details

Speaking of the French drama, it’s a retelling of the famous story of Arsène Lupin. He is a fictional gentlemen thief and a master of disguise. French writer Maurice Leblanc created him in 1905.

“Since the release of the series, the original Maurice Leblanc book has regained interest internationally 114 years after its first release, with it is now trending on many marketplaces in France, Italy, Spain, the U.S., the U.K., Korea, and others,” Netflix said.

When it comes to the recently released Lupin, it was unveiled on the streaming service on January eighth.

As per the company, the title already ranked first in the top ten list across many countries. Some of them include Brazil, Vietnam, Argentina, Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland, the Netherlands, the Philippines, and Sweden.

The cast has Omar Sy playing the lead role of the gentlemen thief. Other actors are Ludivine Sagnier (The New Pope), Clotilde Hesme (Chocolat), and Nicole Garcia (Who You Think I Am).

It will be interesting to see if the series will eventually beat the records of 2020’s The Queen’s Gambit or not.

Upcoming big shows of 2021

Meanwhile, apart from Netflix, other OTT platforms are also constantly churning out new TV shows regularly. It becomes almost impossible to keep a count on how many new titles are being released every month.

This year is also packed with a lot of exciting and major releases. While Stranger Things‘ fourth season is one of the most anticipated things in 2021, Disney Plus is not far behind with its offerings. Because now, the MCU is back in action with its Phase four line-up. And it’s already begun with the first-ever TV show from Marvel Studios, WandaVision. The series premiered last Friday and is already receiving rave reviews from both critics and viewers. Its old sitcom-style is attracting a lot of binge-watchers.

Just like The Mandalorian series, WandaVision will also see a weekly release of new episodes on Disney+. And it’s not only one single show from Marvel, and the streak will now continue endlessly!

Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Ms. Marvel, Loki, She-Hulk, Moon Knight are scheduled for future slots. All of them will give a tough fight to the Netflix heavyweights, undoubtedly.

Amazon’s The Lord of the Rings TV adaptation is also coming soon after its production.

Coming back to Netflix’s Lupin, all its episodes are available for streaming right now.

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