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Netflix confirms ‘Haikyuu’ season 5 but details remain vague


Netflix has officially renewed the popular anime series Haikyuu for season 5.

Anime series are a common source of entertainment for a lot of people. In this period of isolation, people are binge watching every anime series there is. Whether viewers play an actual sport or not, they enjoy watching sport stories portrayed by anime.

It brings them a sort of passion and excitement when they watch anime shows like these. Similarly, Haikyuu is one of those anime sports drama which will make fans fall in love with volleyball.

Haikyuu season 5 confirmed

Haikyuu is a famous sports anime adapted from the manga Haikyuu. It was a major hit from its first installment up to the fourth. As a matter of fact, it was nominated as Best Anime Series for the IGN award and its manga has won the 61st Shogakukan Manga Award.

Even though Haikyuu season 4, also known as To The Top, is still not finished, fans are already wondering about the next season. Luckily, Netflix recently announced the renewal of the extremely popular anime series.

Furthermore, Production I.G. has officially confirmed the release of Haikyuu season 5. The production team also mentioned that instead of naming the new season as per the old trends, it will do something different.

The upcoming season will continue with the name Haikyuu To The Top Season 2. However, after the season ends, it will be adapted by Netflix and will stream online as Haikyuu season 5.

Haikyuu season 5 plot

This anime series follows the story of a school volleyball team, Karasuno. How the members share a bond with each other is the main storyline of the series.

In the last season, fans witnessed how the team excelled in difficult situations in order to enter the Nationals. The entry of Fukusumo in the school volleyball team was also shown in the previous episodes. Hence, it is expected that his entry would bolster the team even more as he is an extremely competent player.

Fans will also see their favourite duo, Hinata and Kageyama, and the rest of the team go against the powerhouse teams of nationals including Nekoma and Fukurodani.

The series will feature  some amazing receives by Karasuno’s captain and libero, Sawamura and Nishinoya, along with awesome blocks by Tsukishima and some match changing pinch serves by Yamaguchi.

On top of that, the two wing spikers, Asahi and Tanaka is also expected to score tons of point for Karasuno.

Haikyuu season 5 release date

As of press time, no official date is announced yet for the release of Haikyuu season 5 but there have been speculations that it will premiere on the first week of July 2020.

Due to the pandemic, these release dates are also subject to changes according to circumstances. Since, there are no certainty about these schedules yet, fans will have to wait for further announcements.

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