Netflix confirms ‘The Politician’ season 2, storyline centers on Payton’s darker schemes

After months of waiting, The Politician season 2 gets the final release date. Moreover, Netflix will air the dark comedy series in June.

Created by Ryan Murphy, The Politician is the first exclusive project released on Netflix. Additionally, Murphy is behind the popular hit series, American Horror Story and Glee. Hence, The Politician brings unique content among Murphy’s works.

The previous season was a complete success and gained a lot of praise from the viewers.  The success of season 1 brought the series a swift renewal status. Now on its second season, The Politician is yet to unfold Payton Hobart’s darker ambitions.

The series follows the dark ambitions of a wealthy high school student, Payton Hobart. Payton aims to become America’s president in the future. Payton will do everything, no matter what the cost, as long as he will reach the top.

When will Netflix release The Politician season 2?

For months, the air date of the series was vague. However, the wait is finally over as Netflix just recently confirmed the release of The Politician season 2 on June 19, 2020.

Currently, Netflix just ordered two seasons, however, there are many directions to where the series might go. Payton’s aim to become the President of the United States will bring more challenges as well as growth.

The Politician season 2 plot

The Politician season 2 will have thrilling twists to emphasize Payton’s journey to the presidency. The immature high school student is now in college and is working his way to the senate.

The finale of The Politician season 1 revealed McAfee as a campaigner for an incumbent senator. However, McAfee is not satisfied with the incumbent senator’s performance. As a result, she established the dream team to rally Payton to run. To win the Senate, the stakes are getting high, and Payton will do anything to stay in the game.

The Politician season 2 will force Payton to use darker schemes to unseat Dede Standish (Judith Light) in the New York State Senate race. Although Dede is admirable, Payton will stop Dede from winning re-election, and that means, exposing Dede’s secrets and lies.

Showrunner Murphy dropped a few hints to the second season,

“I love how Payton has grown up. He’s now in college, and the best thing about the season is the Ben Platt versus Bette Midler and Judith Light aspect. It feels very adult, it feels very topical. It’s sort of a story about baby boomers asking themselves, ‘Is it time for us to pass the power that we have onto the next generation or are they too dumb to figure it out yet?’ And I think you can see that battle playing out daily in our political landscape. And it’s what it’s about, and it’s a very cutthroat race that they run.”

The Politician season 2 cast

The lead actor, Ben Platt, will certainly reprise his role as Payton. On top of that,  new ones recently confirmed for season 2.

  • Daryl Edwards as J. Tank Brown
  • Ava Eisenson as Riva Mandel
  • Krystin Goodwin as Tiffany Albrecht
  • Sandra Landers as Anna Whitcolm

Unfortunately, Gwyneth Paltrow who played as Payton’s mother in season 1 will not return for the second season.

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